Watercolor Tattoo Designs – Watercolor Tattoo Technique and Aftercare

A watercolor tattoo is distinguished by the use of a large number of colored inks, colorful gradients and soft contours. The watercolor tattooing technique is used to adorn the skin with colorful pictures. Vibrant colored ink drips make watercolor tattoos unique and unusual. Watercolor tattoos are popular among both men and women.

A watercolor tattoo: the history of its origin

Watercolor tattooing is quite a recent style. When classic tattooing styles became sidelined, tattoo artists had to invent something fundamentally new. A watercolor painting is distinguished by its transparency, delicacy and layers of lightness. A watercolor picture has the effect of vivid lightness.

Watercolor tattoos have all characteristics particular to oil painting. In general though, watercolor tattoos adopt a soft color gradient and resemble flowing ink.

Watercolor tattooing: peculiarities of the technique and tattoo care

First and foremost, you should remember that if you want to get a watercolor tattoo, find a competent tattoo artist. You should review all the artist’s work. If you like an artist’s technique and the quality of their portfolio, you could schedule a consultation appointment.

It is very important to follow all recommendations for your tattoo care.

“As a rule, watercolor tattoos don’t have a bright black contour which creates a barrier against ink downflow.”

That is why you should avoid tattoo injuries during the healing process, take care of it and remember that the sun is the worst enemy of colored pigments. Sun-protection creams help to prevent your tattoo from ink downflow and to can help to retain its colors for years.

Watercolor tattoos: popular ideas for watercolor tattoos

One of the most popular ideas for watercolor tattoos is flowers. As this technique embodies color vibrance and lightness, flowers are very common in this style.

Another popular idea for watercolor tattoos is abstraction. An abstract watercolor tattoo is a composition of various color spots or a small picture.

Watercolor tattooing is often used for painting fauna. Animals and birds depicted using the watercolor technique can be nice and gentle (this idea is more popular among women) or vibrant and stark (the best idea for men).

Recently, more and more people prefer tattoos of comic book pictures, Disney characters, books and films done in a watercolor technique. A favorite drawing can also be featured on the skin using the watercolor tattooing style.

It is necessary to always remember that you shouldn’t restrict yourself to a certain topic, if you have an idea. For example, you can dedicate your watercolor tattoo to your work, hobby or dreams.

Watercolor tattoos for women: sketches of women watercolor tattoos

Women often prefer watercolor tattoos due to their softness and lightness. If you don’t want to draw much attention to your tattoo you can choose flowers in a watercolor technique. Women who prefer big colorful tattoos can also get them in using the watercolor technique: bright red poppies or a big abstract image make excellent choices.

Watercolor tattoos for men: sketches of watercolor tattoos for men

Watercolor tattooing has become very popular among men over the last few years. Some men choose watercolor tattooing for a part of a big tattoo, combining it with graphic contouring. But some men also choose colorful watercolor tattoos. Don’t worry that a man with a watercolor tattoo will look too flippant. A watercolor tattoo based on a proper sketch and idea represents power, liveliness and character.

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