Sebastian Yatra, a Colombian singer, and Georgina Rodriguez are collaborating on a brand-new, thrilling endeavor! After initially meeting the musician at the 2022 Latin Grammys, the model has been cast as the lead in the next music video for “Energa Bacana.”

Georgina can be seen dancing in a lovely red dress and clear heels, gliding gracefully while playing by the pool while donning a black bikini, a diamond necklace, and dark Miu Miu sunglasses. The video was shot in Madrid, Spain. In another picture, the model and her husband are shown slowly dancing and smiling while she leans on her husband’s shoulder.

Following her providing a sneak peek at the project, in which her husband Cristiano Ronaldo appears, fans of Georgina and Sebastian are expressing their delight. On the set and while filming, the singer and the model can be seen having a good time and brainstorming. Sebastian also posted a number of images, posing beside Georgina and announcing the release date for the music video as Thursday, September 14.

Georgina appeared in her first music video with this one, and it appears as she enjoyed herself immensely with the rest of the cast and crew. The singer wrote, “Energa Bacana comes out tomorrow, where I directed Georgina Rodriguez in her debut music video.”

Georgina can be seen enjoying herself and singing along. As she was excited to be a part of the production, she also announced the news and urged her friends and followers to watch the music video tonight. The media personality has some amazing fashion moments, such as an all-pink outfit consisting of pink platforms with pink heeled boots and a matching top.

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