Unveiling 5 Surprising Details About Georgina Rodriguez, the Partner of Ronaldo

1. Ronaldo is not the only footballer in the Georgina family

Georgina Rodriguez was born and raised in the small village of Jaca located in the North of Spain. Her father, Jorge Rodriguez, is an Argentinian and used to work in digital shorts. But then he had to go to prison for drug trafficking in Spain.

Georgina’s life isn’t all rosy. In 2019, her father passed away at the age of 70 after a long battle with illness. In 2011, Georgina’s mother died in a car accident. But like Ronaldo, these tragedies make her stronger.

2. Georgina loves watching Ronaldo play.

It’s a bit biased but Georgina also has her own opinion on who is the greatest player in history (GOAT). She said: “Ronaldo is the only person who makes me feel excited when playing. Fortunately, I became the girlfriend of the best player in history. No one can match him.”

3. Ronaldo and Georgina’s fateful meeting at Gucci

Georgina was born in 1994, worked as a waiter in Jaca’s hometown before coming to England. She wants to learn English so that she can work in more modern environments. After that, Georgina became an employee of a Gucci store in Madrid. But one day, her life completely changed.

When Ronaldo went to the Gucci store where Georgina worked, the two were struck by lightning. “I was fascinated by Ronaldo’s height, body and beauty. I trembled in front of Ronaldo and suddenly a light flashed,” she shared.
Now, Georgina has quit her job at Gucci and enjoys life with Ronaldo. She became a famous model thanks to her attractive appearance. Beautiful people always appear in important events next to CR7.

4. Georgina is a shy girl

Georgina once shared that she was a very shy person. Of course, dating famous players is not easy. Before that, she was not very prominent. But since becoming Ronaldo’s girlfriend, Georgina has become a celebrity and attracted a lot of attention.

She once said: “Everything is annoying. Many people bother me on the phone and even reporters sometimes pretend to be customers to see me.”

Now, Georgina is a star and she rarely has her own space. Reporters always follow her. That’s why Georgina is always worried. “I can’t go out in peace because people want to take pictures of me all the time. That’s why I’m always worried about my safety.”

5. Georgina will become Ronaldo’s wife

Together, the two have a beautiful daughter. However, Ronaldo and Georgina’s relationship has not yet come to marriage. But in a conversation with reporter Piers Morgan, Ronaldo said he had his own plan:

“She helped me a lot. I love her so much and we will definitely get married one day soon. Me and Georgina understand and can share everything with each other.”

Georgina and Ronaldo always travel and enjoy special days together. Recently, many rumors said that the two were about to hold a wedding ceremony when Georgina appeared with an engagement ring on her hand.

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