Top 24 Baby’s Breath Tattoo Ideas

The delicate, pretty blooms of the baby’s breath make it a great filler flower in bouquets and a popular design choice for contemporary tattoos.

Used often in weddings and baby shower celebrations, the dainty white or pink flowers of the baby’s breath are associated with the ideals of love, purity, and particularly innocence. The flower is also linked to the Holy Spirit in Christianity.

Baby’s breath makes for a great small design for collectors looking for a different type of flower or bouquet to use in their tattoo and is often etched in a single needle or linework-focused design style.

The following collection of baby’s breath tattoo ideas demonstrates the variety of tattoo application styles and symbolic themes that you might incorporate into your own body art.

1. Baby’s Breath Bouquet Tattoo Designs

2. Different Colored Baby’s Breath Tattoo Ideas

3. Forearm Baby’s Breath Tattoo Ideas

4. Baby’s Breath Tattoo Art for the Leg

5. Innovative Baby’s Breath Tattoos

6. Small Baby’s Breath Tattoo Designs

7. Neo Traditional Baby’s Breath Tattoos

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