Thor Finally Settles Which Side He’d Have Taken in Civil War: Iron Man or Captain America’s

  • Thor was absent during the first Civil War, leading to debates on whose side he would have taken and Marvel settles the debate in Immortal Thor #9.
  • Thor’s commitment to justice above the law would have led him to see the Registration Act as evil, and join Captain America’s side.
  • Iron Man co-opted Thor’s likeness during Civil War , but Thor was not actually involved in the conflict.

Warning: contains spoilers for Immortal Thor #9!

Thor was absent from Marvel’s first Civil War event, and now he has settled which side he would have taken. Civil War rocked the Marvel Universe to its core, and its effects are still being felt today. Thor was dead at the time, and fans have debated whose side he would have joined. Immortal Thor #9 answers this question, settling the matter once and for all.

Immortal Thor #9 is written by Al Ewing and drawn by Ibraim Roberson, and sees Odinson confront both the Enchantress and Roxxon CEO Dario Agger. Thor storms into Agger’s office, destroying the CEO’s desk in an impressive display of power. Agger is unfazed. Thor admonishes Agger, telling him he needs to understand the limits of “mortal laws.”

Thor confronts Roxxon CEO Dario Agger

Thor explains that he obeys them as a “courtesy,” and only when they serve the cause of justice.

Although Thor Was Dead at the Time of Civil War, His Presence Was Still Felt

Iron Man Co-Opted His Likeness Horribly

Marvel Comics' Civil War.

Thor’s speech in this issue offers a huge clue as to which side he would have joined during Civil War. The event, published by Marvel Comics between 2006 and 2007, became one of its most influential. Its immediate effects were felt for years afterward, and still are referenced even today. Civil War saw the deterioration of the friendship between Captain America and Iron Man. Iron Man believed that heroes should register with the government and while Cap did not necessarily disagree with the sentiment, he took issue over how it was being enforced.

After escaping from SHIELD, Captain America begins gathering other heroes to aid him in the fight against Iron Man’s pro-registration forces. During one of the battles, Thor seemingly returned, on Iron Man’s side. It was revealed this was just an android duplicate, built by Iron Man. When Thor returned to life a few years after Civil War, he took Iron Man to task for the android. Thor also berates him for putting Captain America in a position where he could be killed. However, Thor stopped short of coming down completely on Captain America’s side.

Thor's clone in Civil War who killed Bill Foster's Goliath
RelatedThor’s role in Marvel’s Civil War conflict was originally supposed to be a heroic one, but it ended up being emblematic of comics’ worst failures.

Civil War Would Have Been A Lot Different If Thor Had Been Present

Marvel Civil War Team Iron Man

Thor’s commitment to justice above the law would have led him to see the Registration Act as evil, and he would not have registered.

Now, it is clear: Thor would have joined Captain America. Captain America believed that the Registration Act, as it was written, had the potential for abuse. He was later proven right. Thor’s commitment to justice above the law would have led him to see the Registration Act as evil, and he would not have registered. If Thor had been present during Civil War, his power would have tipped events in favor of Captain America’s side. This would have radically altered the face of the Marvel Universe in the years that followed.

Immortal Thor #9 is on sale now from Marvel Comics!

Immortal Thor #9 (2024)

Cover for Immortal Thor #9, villain Enchantress tears a Thor comic in half
  • Writer: Al Ewing
  • Artist: Ibraim Roberson
  • Colorist: Matthew Wilson
  • Letterer: Joe Sabino
  • Cover Artist: Alex Ross

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