Thomas Muller wants to surpass Cristiano Ronaldo after Bayern Munich win dramatic Man Utd 4-3

Bayern Munich won dramatically with a score of 4-3 against Manchester United at home. Even though he only came on the field in the 87th minute, Thomas Muller had another impressive milestone in his career.

In his 143rd career appearance for Bayern Munich,Thomas Müllerachieved his 100th victory, thereby becoming the third player in UEFA Champions League history to reach the milestone of 100 victories in the most prestigious arena at European club level.

Thomas Muller wants to surpass Cristiano Ronaldo - Photo 1.

Thomas Muller wants to surpass Cristiano Ronaldo

Muller theo chân Ronaldo gia nhập 'câu lạc bộ 100'

Ranked above Muller are two legends of Real Madrid Club: Iker Casillas (101 wins) and Cristiano Ronaldo (115 wins). Muller’s achievements also have their own highlights when he reached the milestone of 100 victories while playing for one club, Bayern Munich, while for Ronaldo, there were three clubs Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Juventus, and Casillas are Real Madrid and Porto.Thus, Muller has many opportunities to surpass Casillas, when he is only 1 win behind and the 2023/24 Champions League season has just begun. However, being able to catch up with Ronaldo’s achievements will not be simple for the 34-year-old German player, after all, that will be the goal that the German striker is aiming for.

Thomas Muller wants to surpass Cristiano Ronaldo - Photo 3.

Thomas Muller has achieved the milestone of 100 victories in the prestigious European club arena.At the age of 34, with the appearance of the most expensive rookie in Bayern Munich history, Harry Kane, Muller no longer has to shoulder the responsibility of scoring goals. The German player is used by coach Tuchel because of his experience and ability to coordinate smart play.

Muller: 'Bayern chơi tốt trước Messi, chỉ ngán Ronaldo' - VnExpress Thể thao

With Euro 2024 approaching and Germany being the host country, Thomas Muller will certainly still desire to compete and win not only to help Bayern Munich win more titles this season, but also to achieve his goal. target to be on the list of the German national team participating in the Euro.

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