‘The world’s most beautiful female player’ want to date Ronaldo & ignore his current lover

Ana Maria Markovic, a beautiful soccer player, wants to date Cristiano Ronaldo and says she is a Chelsea fan.

Ana Maria Markovic, who is the most beautiful player in the world, doesn’t try to hide the fact that Ronaldo is her favorite player. She even said that her copying of her idol got her a spot on the Croatian national team.

Markovic, who is 23, seemed eager to pay Ronaldo, who is 37, back after she posted a selfie and tagged him.

Markovic is sad because Ronaldo is in a long-term relationship with Georgina Rodriguez, and they just moved to Saudi Arabia together after he moved to Al-Nassr.

Even so, Markovic said that her favorite English team is Chelsea when someone asked her what it was.

Mateo Kovacic from Croatia won the Champions League with Chelsea, but Frank Lampard is still her favorite player of all time.

Markovic is currently on the national team and plays for the Grasshopper club in the Swiss league. He has 9 caps and 1 goal for the national team.

Luka Modric, a former player for Real Madrid, is her hero, but Ronaldo is the person she looks up to the most.

“Modric is definitely a great role model for me,” she told 20min. He is a football player for the world and plays for Croatia.

“Bachmann is one of many good female players. But Cristiano Ronaldo is my favorite of all time because he is very disciplined.

“I think it’s very important that you give your sport your all and have a positive attitude like he does.”

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