The home of Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez has been outfitted with lighting from a Derbyshire company.

Thanks to lighting experts from Derbyshire, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Madrid home has suddenly gotten a whole lot brighter.

The thrilling task of illuminating the home of the well-known player and his partner, the international celebrity Georgina Rodriguez, brought Lighting Legends to Spain lately.

Rodriguez personally chose the business to supply the family home’s exterior lighting—a model with 50 million Instagram followers.

The team overcame scorching 36-degree heat, canceled flights, and last-minute lodging to construct an amazing setup in the garden.

Adam Wilkins, managing director of Lighting Legends, said in a statement to the Derbyshire Times: “It was a wonderful experience and it all came together at the last minute. We’d been planning it for a few months, but we only got the go-ahead with 48 hours notice, so we had to scramble to organize tickets, accommodations, and van rentals before arriving in Madrid just two days later.

The company was established in 2020, but it really took off during the lockdowns as people began to spend more time in their gardens and search for more environmentally friendly outdoor lighting options.

The business, which at first had simply a shed in Adam’s garden, has since grown to include a full-scale warehouse and four permanent staff.

“We helped make that a reality,” said Jon Saeed, a fellow managing director at Lighting Legends. “Our outdoor string lights are versatile and can create expansive lighting up to 650m from a single plug, making them perfect for a multitude of outdoor spaces.” “Georgina Rodriguez was aiming to create an ambient and inviting outdoor environment for quality family time, and we helped make that a reality,” he added.

Lighting Legends has been chronicling the progress of the significant project on their social media platforms to commemorate the venture’s success, and after the “big reveal,” they’ll be holding a special giveaway competition.

everything was incredibly exciting, yet everything went by in a hurry, according to Adam. You can easily envision them in that garden because the lights are set to turn on and shut off at 9 p.m. every night automatically. Additionally, the property is featured in a Netflix documentary that follows the lives of (Georgina Rodrgiuez), making the encounter, to be honest, somewhat weird.

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