The girl with a full body tattoo is ‘astonishing’ because she is a talented doctor

Sarah Gray is one of the most tattooed women in the medical profession in the world. She became globally famous not only because of the number of tattoos but also because she broke the stereotypes in society about tattooing as… unkind.

Tattoo art is becoming a trend and hobby of many people around the world. However, it is not always accepted. A lot of people think it’s weird. But for Sarah Gray – a young girl, tattoos are a way for her to express herself and her confidence.

Sarah Gray has a full body tattoo and considers it a way to express her personality

Sarah Gray studied medicine and will become an orthopedic surgeon in the future. She graduated from the University of Adelaide, Australia and is considered one of the most tattooed women in medicine in the world.

She has become globally famous not only because of the number of tattoos on her body, but also because she broke the stereotypes in society that tattoos are… unkind.

Being a good doctor is her way of proving to many people that getting a tattoo does not affect anyone’s competence or professionalism at all.

She is one of the medical staff with the most body tattoos in the world

Sarah said that her colleagues have welcomed her with open arms and everything has satisfied her so far. She is accepted no matter who she is, no matter how much ink she has on her body.

In fact, she has also just recently been hired to do the very surgery she pursues. That means her looks have no effect on how people judge her talent.

Sarah Gray wants to prove to everyone that looks and personality do not affect their abilities and qualifications.

Thanks to her artistic body, Sarah has the opportunity to participate in many events, actively sharing about what it means to be free to do what she likes. However, there are many times when Sarah has to face awkward situations. For example, she once went to an event at a restaurant in Australia with her husband. Both her and her husband were invited out of the restaurant because their bodies were a bit… different.

She strives to become a good surgeon

Sarah Gray graduated from medical school

Both Sarah Gray and her boyfriend have the same hobby of tattooing

Fortunately, not all are so bad. Thanks to her amazing talent, Sarah succeeded in opening her own studio, where she tattooed others. Sarah wants to convey the message that when you want something, work hard to get it. You don’t have to be like everyone and don’t let the way people see you detract from your growth.

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