The eldest son is considered to surpass Ronaldo: 12 years old is 5 ft 1 in height, he scores continuously when on the field

Well-trained from a young age, young Ronaldo Jr promises to follow in his father’s footsteps to conquer the heights of football.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr was born on June 17, 2010 thanks to the surrogacy method. From a young age, the boy had a passion for the round ball and showed a special talent in the sport of kings.

Ronaldo’s son has been passionate about football since childhood

At home, the boy is still sometimes referred to as “Cristianinho” which means “Little Cristiano”. The reason is that the father and son have many things in common, including the ability to play football. Ronaldo himself is satisfied with this, ready to support the boy’s successor.

Ronaldo was introduced to football by his father from a young age

“We’ll see if our son can become a great footballer. He has potential. He’s fast and good, but that’s not enough. I always taught my son to work hard. just to be successful. I don’t put pressure on him to become a footballer. But I want it to happen,” Ronaldo said.

The boy Ronaldo Jr is also given the best conditions to develop. He often went to the yard to watch his father’s matches, gradually getting used to the heat on the field.

In particular, he also has the opportunity to join the youth teams of Real Madrid, Juventus and Man United – the leading training centers in Europe.

The boy Ronaldo Jr during his time with Real’s youth team

Remarkable scoring ability

Ronaldo Jr’s goal-scoring talent is also extremely respectable. Like his father, every time he enters the field, the boy will score continuously.

According to journalist Edu Cornago, Ronaldo Jr during his time in Madrid scored 50 goals in 20 matches for the U14 team. Coming to Juvetus youth team, he only took 23 games to score 58 goals and 17 assists.

On average, each game, the eldest Ronaldo will pocket 2-3 goals. Every time he scores a goal, the boy does not forget to celebrate the “siuu” that has become his father’s trademark. Mrs. Dolores – Ronaldo’s mother – admitted that her grandson is better than CR7 at the same age.

Ronaldo Jr recreates his father’s celebration

Nоt оnly has the kιller instinct, Rоnaldо Jr alsо pоssesses the right physicality tо becоme a gооd striker. Sоme sоurces say that the bоy is nоw apprоximately 1m70 tall. This number prоmises tо increase significantly in the cоming years.

When Ronaldo moved to Saudi Arabia to play, the boy also followed his father and is currently playing for the youth team of Al Nassr. Despite often having to change the living environment, the boy still integrates very quickly.

Recently, Georgina – Ronaldo’s longtime girlfriend – admitted that the kids are having a great time in the new country.

Ronaldo Jr has come far in football need time to answer. But with what he has, the boy is expected to be able to catch up and even surpass the achievements CR7 has established. My son said to me, “Dad, let’s play for a few more years, I want to play football with you,” Ronaldo told about his son’s desire.

Ronaldo Jr hopes to one day play football with his father 

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