TҺe World Is Briмming With Squɑre-sҺaped Fruits That Brιng Joy To People

Square watermelon


Japanese square watermelons are sold by some fruit dealers in Hanoi at a high price of 4.5 million VND/fruit.

Compared to the price of only about 10-20 thousand VND/kg, or about 40-100 thousand VND/fruit of Vietnamese watermelon, Japanese square watermelon is 45-112 times more expensive but is still popular among the rich in Hanoi. buy.


Vendors selling square watermelons in Hanoi said this type of melon is very famous, grown in the Shikoku archipelago (Japan).

To turn watermelons from round to square, melon farmers in this archipelago had to use a long, 18cm wide metal mold to reshape the melon. Melons are often pressed into molds from a young age to shape them, then the molds must be constantly changed to match the fruit’s growth rate.

Even in Japan, the selling price of square watermelons is quite expensive. In particular, at times of scarcity, each square watermelon sold in Japan has a price ranging from 100-200 USD/fruit (2.3-4.6 million VND/fruit). In addition, the selling price of square watermelons in foreign markets is about 800 USD/fruit (about 18.6 million VND).

Square apple


Each square apple costs up to 7 USD (equivalent to more than 150,000 VND). The person who developed the special square apple variety is Mr. Lee Chong Boun. With the support of the local agricultural center, it took Mr. Lee 5 years to grow and shape the first square apples.

In fact, this is a regular round apple, but during the development process, the apple was pressed into a plastic mold to have a square shape and had words engraved on it.


Besides red square apples, some gardeners also grow green square apples.

Square grapefruit

Photo: Dan Viet

A gardener in Ben Tre has successfully created a square grapefruit variety engraved with the words Tai and Loc to sell during Tet. The garden owner said that after a long period of research, he had successfully shaped a type of golden grapefruit bar.


Photo: Dan Viet

This product when marketed will cost from 500-800 thousand VND per fruit.

Photo: Dan Viet


To create the square-shaped grapefruit above, Mr. Tam (the garden owner) said he must choose young, small fruit with good development. After that, the fruit will be put into a mold (which Mr. Tam researched himself), waiting until 5 months later for the finished product. Normally, a normal green-skinned grapefruit weighs 2kg, but a square grapefruit is compressed to only about 1.5kg.

There are also square tomato storks

Or square orange

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