‘SUPER FODEN’ – Pep Guardiola spotted Man City ‘ultimate canon’ to defeat Arsenal after winning against Leipzig

Clearly, Pep Guardiola will turn his attention to Arsenal, who could take top spot from them this weekend.

Pep Guardiola understands that playing away from Leipzig is never easy.

He had to calculate a lot in the context that Man City will march to the Emirates in a few days.

Not surprisingly, the away team clearly showed their intention to attack pre-emptively, trying to create a clear victory and then slowed down in the second half.


Pep’s calculations went in the right direction when Phil Foden opened fire in the 25th minute and helped Man City lead 1-0 before halftime.

There was a time when Foden slowed down due to consecutive injuries.

However, in recent times, Foden has been Pep’s secret card.

He has played 518 minutes in the Premier League since the beginning of the season, including 6 starts. To date, the England international has contributed to 4 team goals (1 goal and 3 assists) on the domestic playground.

Leipzig players seemed to have no plan to stop Foden. He made 3 passes to create opportunities for his teammates, touched the ball 76 times, and passed the ball with 90% accuracy. The England international scored one goal and once hit the wooden frame.

With such impressive parameters, the organizers awarded Foden the title of “Man of the Match”.

Obviously, he will be Pep’s trump card when Man City plays Arsenal, a match that can be considered key in the first leg.

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