‘Sun-Loving’ Dua Lipa Proudly Displays Her Cheeky Side and Pert Derrière in Revealing Shorts

Dua Lipa showed off her incredibly toned backside in a pair of very short shorts. The Dance the Night singer, 28, posed in front of some greenery while wearing a light yellow tank top and camel-colored suede shorts. The low-rise shorts exposed the underside of her ʙuтт cheeks and had a matching belt.

Her long dark hair flowed down her back and a delicate gold watch encircled her wrist. ‘Sun bum’ she cheekily captioned the series of four pH๏τos.

The color of her outfit complimented the Kiss and Make Up songstress’ sun kissed tan.

‘I’ve learned to keep certain aspects of myself for my inner circle. There’s the Dua who is chill at home, then in the media, there’s this exaggerated version of myself who is also called Dua, and who gives it her all on stage,’ she said.

And she revealed that her favorite version of herself is a mix.

‘This doubleness allows me to maintain a normal life, she explained. ‘When I have a professional meeting, I switch to ‘Dua Lipa Music Career’ mode, but right after I can also meet my friends in ‘Private Dua’ mode, and put all the rest to the side.’

The New Rules singer doesn’t always want to be the center of attention, revealing: ‘When I invite people around for dinner, I’m very happy not being the center of attention, since being the center of attention has become my job.’

‘There’s a lot of duality in me… But it’s within this duality that I find peace. And where I allow myself to turn down my confidence when I’m at home. It’s refreshing,’ she explained.

Dua has another thing to celebrate. Her song Dance the Night Away from the Barbie soundtrack is #1 on the U.K. charts.

The song has become a fan favorite and plays during the iconic dance scene in the film as Ken, Ryan Gosling, dances his way over to impress Barbie, Margot Robbie.

The Levitating singer celebrated growing a year older with a trip to Ibiza.

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