Scarlett Johansson is a mom of 2: All about her kids, Rose and Cosmo

Scarlett Johansson’s daughter is excited about her mom’s skincare line.

Rose, 9, and her friends are very interested in skincare, Johansson told TODAY. “I’m actually helping her and her friends to understand that, because you know, they’re buying a lot of stuff that’s poppy and trendy, and you pick it up at the drugstore.”

Johansson, an Oscar-nominated actor, co-founded a skincare brand called The Outset, a move that she said made her daughter very “excited.”

“And I get it. You know, she wants to be her best, and feel confident,” Johansson told TODAY. “And I explained to her, ‘You have beautiful skin, you don’t want to disturb that, you want to make sure that you’re … being kind to your skin, and gentle on yourself.”

Johansson shares Rose with her ex-husband Romain Dauriac; Johansson and her husband, “Saturday Night Live” writer Colin Jost are parents of a 2-year-old son named Cosmo.

Here are more facts about Scarlett Johansson’s children.

Rose Dorothy

Rose Dorothy was born in 2014.

Johansson hasn’t shared a lot about Rose, but in 2021, she revealed how her daughter took to having a baby brother.

“I would say, she’s pretty neutral about it,” Johansson told Ellen DeGeneres. “Which I think is a good thing … she’ll come home and … she’s just talking a mile a minute and I have to remind her, ‘Hey, say hi to your brother.’”

“I think being 7 is pretty psychedelic,” she added.

Johansson joked of Rose: “She’s a little bossy — I don’t know where she gets it from — and she’s very headstrong.”

In April 2023, Johansson told “The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast” that Rose’s toddler stage was “really tough.”

“I remember my daughter … when she was 2, I thought, ‘This is great. I don’t know what everybody is talking about,’” she said. “And then she turned 3, and it was like being in an emotionally abusive relationship.”


Cosmo Jost was born in 2021.

“OK OK we had a baby. His name is Cosmo. We love him very much,” Jost shared on his Instagram account at the time. “Privacy would be greatly appreciated.”

The comedian added, “For all inquiries please contact our publicist @chethinks,” the Instagram handle of his “Saturday Night Live” co-star Michael Che.

Johansson raved about her son on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” in 2022. “The baby smell is like, I want to just bottle it … delicious.”

Both Rose and Cosmo are named after flowers, Johansson told Clarkson.

“Not a lot of people make that connection,” she said. “Cosmo is like, a really sweet little flower, it comes in different shades of orange and yellow … that’s why my daughter liked it too.”

The “Black Widow” star explained the roundabout way she and Jost chose Cosmo’s name.

“Oh gosh, yeah, we just threw a bunch of letters together,” she told Clarkson. “We’re like, ‘That works’ … I just thought it was so charming. And then our friends all liked it and then Colin’s mom had a little bit of a harder time with it.”

Johansson added, “She was like, ‘This seems kind of …’ it wasn’t sitting — she kept suggesting other versions of it for a while. And I was like, ‘No, he’s already here. He’s out … it’s past that time.’”

The previous year, Jost remarked on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” that his mom was “slightly thrown” by Cosmo’s name.

“I don’t know if she thought it was a hippie thing,” he said, adding, “She would call us and say, you know, after like three or four days, she’d be like, ‘Cosmo!’ She’d be like, ‘And, now, is it final? Like, did you submit the birth certificate?’”

Jost continued, “And we’re like, ‘Oh, yeah, we did that at the hospital’ and she’s like, ‘OK, interesting. Because I was reading that there’s also a name Cosimo, with an “i,” so that could also be an option.’”

Mom did accept the name, he said.

“She lives on Staten Island,” said Jost. “Eventually, she started meeting various members of the Italian community who have a lot of Cosmo relatives and so then she would call and she would say, ‘I met someone. They said their uncle’s name is Cosmo. So, it is OK.’”

“Then she goes, ‘There’s also a patron saint called Cosmos, so that’s another option,’” he added.

In 2022, when Cosmo was 9 months old, Johansson told TODAY that being a second-time mom was “wonderful,” saying the pandemic “allowed me the space to make a nest and enjoy” her family more.

Colin Jost shared that Cosmo is learning to swim.

“One thing that’s really important with (Cosmo) is I take him swimming a lot whenever I can — like pool or ocean,” Jost told the “Table For Two” iHeart podcast, according to People.

“He’s only 2 and he’s a pretty good swimmer actually, like he’s almost independent swimming, which is kinda crazy,” said Jost. “He’s a smart guy, too, such a fun kid.”

In October 2023, Johansson described Cosmo’s toddlerhood to Entertainment Tonight.

“I think the ‘Terrible Twos’ are more like tackling me!” she said. “Like, actually physically tackling me.”

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