Ronaldo received an unprecedented reception in Iran

The entire Al Nassr team has landed in Iran’s capital Tehran to prepare for the Asian Cup opening match against Persepolis tonight. And the Saudi Arabia team witnessed an unprecedented warm welcome.

Ronaldo received an unprecedented reception in Iran photo 1

Scene of fans running after Ronaldo’s car

As soon as the plane taking Al Nassr to the airport, hundreds of people surrounded the doors. On the way back to the hotel, the yellow bus carrying Al Nassr could hardly move at high speed as the group of people following the bus grew more and more crowded. In many places, hundreds of people were seen jogging after the car.

The reason is all because of the nаme Ronaldo . Iranian fans probably only focused on watching Ronaldo during his trip to Iran.

Fans also did not “spare” him at the hotel. The security guards had to strugglе to escоrt him to his room. Following him were the remaining members of Al Nassr and the coaching staff. In a video, Ronaldo was seen smiling through a crowded line of people at the hotel.

Ronaldo received an unprecedented reception in Iran photo 2

Ronaldo and his teammates will play against host Persepolis tonight

With Ronaldo ‘s big brand , it is not surprising that he was warmly welcomed by the home fans. But the way hundreds of joggers chased the bus carrying him is probably still a special image in Iran.

Đại diện bóng đá Iran tặng thảm Ba Tư cho Ronaldo và Al Nassr, hôm 18/9. Ảnh: EFE

The host country even favored the 38-year-old superstar by allocating him the most luxurious room. Ronaldo and Al Nassr members also received SIM cards that allowed them unlimited internet access during their stay. This is a privilege that only VIP foreign citizens like Ronaldo have. Because Iranian citizens cannot access global messaging and social networking services.

Due to the large number of fans surrounding Ronaldo, the training session to prepare for the match had to be canceled. But unfortunately, in the match in Iran tonight, Ronaldo and his teammates will have to play behind closed doors, because the host club Persepolis must serve a fine from AFC.

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