Ronaldo got mad and swore because he was forced by the referee

A confusing decision from the referee caused superstar Cristiano Ronaldo to be deprived of a goal in the match Al-Nassr defeated Al-Shabab 4-0 in round 4 of the Saudi Pro League.

Ronaldo gets mad, swears after being denied a hat-trick

The incident happened in the 20th minute, when Al-Nassr was leading Al-Shabab 1-0 thanks to Ronaldo’s 11-meter penalty. From a teammate’s pass, CR7 jumped highest in the penalty area and made a perfect header into the top corner into Al-Shabab’s net. However, the goal was later disallowed.

Kết quả bóng đá Al Nassr 4-0 Al Shabab: Ronaldo lên đồng

The reason is because the referee believes that Ronaldo pushed Al-Shabab defender Fawaz Al-Saqour in the previous dispute. Reviewing the videotape, this is a very normal ball phase when Al-Saqour himself also waved his hand to push CR7.

Deprived of a goal after a harsh decision, Ronaldo of course got angry. He got angry, turned towards the referee and said: “Always aiming at me. Dаmn it.” However, in the 38th minute, the 38-year-old striker once again entered his nаme on the electronic board , and it was still the word from the penalty spot.

Câu nói giận dữ của Ronaldo sau khi bị huỷ bỏ bàn thắng gây tranh cãi

On social networks, fans could not help but feel frustrated when Ronaldo was deprived of a valid goal. Many people even asserted that the referee was “corrupt”.One fan commented harshly: “Corruption against Al-Nassr and Cristiano Ronaldo continues.” Another wrote: “Everything becomes so clear.” A third fan exclaimed: “Even those who hate Cristiano agree that it was a blatant robbery.”

Tỏa sáng với cú đúp bàn thắng và 1 kiến tạo, Ronaldo vẫn bị chỉ trích

In the end, Al-Nassr still won a jubilant 4-0 victory over Al-Shabab in the fourth round of Saudi Pro League.

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