Ronaldo be accused, The opponent was disgusted, reacting to Ronaldo’s unhygienic actions

Cristiano Ronaldo had an unsightly action in Al-Nassr’s 2-1 victory over Al-Hilal in the last 2023 Arab Club Champions Cup final.

This is the match where Ronaldo plays the hero with a brace to help Al-Nassr defeat Al-Hilal to win the championship . However, CR7 had a rather unhygienic action with the opponent’s player.

Specifically, in a situation where Al-Nassr was awarded a free kick, Ronaldo was very tight in the penalty area by defender Ali Al-Bulaih of Al-Hilal. After being pushed away by Al-Bulaih, CR7 used his left hand, scratched his hips several times, and then applied it to Al-Hilal’s defender’s face.

Ronaldo scratched hate smeared on the opponent’s face?

Al-Bulaih was annoyed with Ronaldo after that action. He waved his hand but did a good job to refrain from doing anything else that could lead to CR7 hitting in the penalty area. Obviously, this is not good behavior of Ronaldo because his body at that time was definitely sweaty.

Cristiano Ronaldo im lặng sau 2 trận thua liên tiếp của Al Nassr tại Saudi Pro League

Towards the end of the game, Ronaldo was injured and recently could not participate in Al-Nassr’s opening match in the Saudi Pro League 2023/24. As a result, Al-Nassr without Ronaldo finished 1-2 before coach Steven Gerrard’s Al-Ettifaq.

Ronaldo is expected to soon recover to play as soon as possible for Al-Nassr in the coming rounds. Currently, this Saudi club is negotiating with Man City to recruit midfielder Aymeric Laporte to strengthen the defense.

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