Ronaldo and his girlfriend’s sweet moments in Saudi

Recently, Cristiano Ronaldo and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez shared photos of their family’s new property in Saudi Arabia.

Riyadh is a modern city with skyscrapers and busy shopping malls. Most likely, Ronaldo’s family is living in one of two upscale neighborhoods of the city, Al Muhammadiyah or Al Nakheel.

These two residential areas have luxury restaurants and international schools. Both residential areas are located near the 25,000-capacity Mrsool Park stadium. Mrsool Park is the home ground of the Al Nassr club. The characteristic of these two luxury residential areas is that they are built according to Western standards to be ready to welcome Western residents to settle down.

Residents living in these two residential areas can meet all their needs for sports training, shopping, health care, and enjoy high-class restaurant, hotel, and school services… They do not need to leave the residential area, all needs will be fully met with high quality.

When living in these two residential areas, the lifestyle of Ronaldo’s family will have to change more or less, they will not be able to drink alcohol. The fun will have to be held discreetly in the family’s private space.

Websites that sell and rent real estate in Saudi Arabia do not disclose the rental prices of luxury properties located in the two residential areas of Al Muhammadiyah and Al Nakheel. These buildings are often bought, sold or leased through contacts and confidentially negotiated agreements based on private relationships.

Currently, Ronaldo owns 8 properties in many countries around the world. Since January until now, Ronaldo and his family have had several months to find a suitable place to stay, in order to stay long in the city of Riyadh.

Ronaldo stays in a hotel room for $300,000/month while looking for a home

When he first moved to Riyadh, Ronaldo and his family stayed in a luxurious apartment called the specially designed Kingdom Suite. This apartment is located in the Four Seasons hotel in the heart of Riyadh.

The cost of renting an apartment is estimated at more than 300,000 USD/month (equivalent to more than 7 billion VND). This apartment is designed to be very spacious, enough for a family to live comfortably with a total of 17 rooms divided into two floors.

Ronaldo’s first residence in Riyadh is considered to have a very beautiful view, overlooking the richest, most vibrant and bustling areas of the city. The Four Seasons Hotel is located in the Kingdom Tower, which is one of the tallest towers in Saudi Arabia.

The residence of Ronaldo and his family is currently rated as one of the most luxurious options in Riyadh city. The room service that they enjoy while staying here helps the whole family do not have to do anything, all rooms are always taken care of and cleaned perfectly.

Ronaldo and his family have stayed in this luxury hotel apartment while they have not found suitable housing for a long stay. The price of the Kingdom Suite apartment is not publicly available on the hotel’s website, if you want to book a room, you must contact it separately.

The Kingdom Suite apartment has rooms such as living room, office, dining room, entertainment room… Ronaldo’s family can ask the chef to make the desired dishes with the finest quality ingredients. ready to serve.

The staff in the hotel were asked not to take the initiative to ask to take pictures with Ronaldo, however, the player had friendly exchanges and contact with guests who were also staying at the hotel. He also expressed his cheerfulness and ease by greeting and thanking the hotel staff who served him and his family.

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