Rihanna Rocks Leopard Print Elegance in Rare Outing with Son RZA, Treating Him to Fun at Los Angeles Indoor Playhouse!


Even when she is not walking the red carpet, Rihanna is undoubtedly a stylish mother.

She had some help as an assistant carried a bag over her shoulder and had another one in her hand; there was also a white paper shopping bag

On Thursday, the 36-year-old Diamonds hitmaker was spotted at BallnBounce Kids Playhouse in Los Angeles with her toddler son RZA. She was dressed quite stylishly for the occasion.

The young child, who looks a lot like his well-known father A$AP Rocky, looked adorable wearing a gray checkered hoodie over a blue denim jacket. In addition, he wore green pants without shoes and socks.

Still, the cute little boy could not match his mother, the epitome of quirky glamour done well.

Wearing an open fake fur coat with a striking leopard design, Rihanna looked stunning while out and about in a Metallica concert t-shirt.

Rihanna stepped out in a Metallica concert t-shirt with an eye-catching leopard-print faux fur coat that was worn open

For the outing, she was also wearing large Gucci sunglasses, tear-away slacks by Attico, and black knee-high boots. A huge gold chain that matched her earrings hung around her neck.

With a bodyguard and a female assistant at her side, Rihanna headed to a waiting black SUV while holding onto RZA, a green balloon, and his sippy cup.

She looked ready for the cold weather

She appeared to be feeding RZA chunks of pizza that she also consumed. 

According to their website, BallnBounce is a kids’ playhouse where “all sensory needs and fun are met.” Each youngster must pay $35 to enter.

A closer look at this diva saw she had long beige painted nails with no rings on; to the left was her bodyguard

In addition, it is a “roomy indoor playhouse that lets kids explore, learn, and play in areas made to encourage their imagination, creativity, and curiosity.” Rock climbing, ziplining, swings, and slides are available.

The number-one singer and her partner A$AP Rocky is a father of two kids.

The pair, who have been together since 2020, has a one-year-old son named Riot in addition to RZA. Riot was born in August 2023.

Before falling in love and starting a family four years ago, Rihanna and A$AP were longtime friends and coworkers.

In 2013, Rocky provided support for Rihanna’s Diamonds World Tour during its U.S. leg. In the same year, Rihanna also starred in his Fashion Killa song video. 

The little boy, who strongly resembles his famous father A$AP Rocky, was cute in a blue denim jacket over a gray checkered hoodie. He also had on green slacks with socks and no shoes

An informant told People in November 2020 that the lifelong friends had formally started dating.

Rihanna sure is one stylish mother even when she is off the red carpet. The 36-year-old Diamonds hitmaker was seen in a very hip outfit when going on a rare outing with her toddler son RZA on Thursday at BallnBounce Kids Playhouse in Los Angeles

Rocky described Rihanna as “the love of [his] life” and “the one” in a 2021 interview with GQ. 

The kid could not compete with his mother, however, who is the queen of offbeat glamour done right

“If being a father is part of my destiny, then I will definitely pursue it,” he stated. “Well, no, but I really think I’d make a fantastic, astounding, all-around amazing father.”

Rihanna looked ready for her closeup in her on-trend funky attire

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