‘Revenue increased by more than 1,034%’ – Lionel Messi set an unprecedented ticket sales record in the club’s history when he only appeared in 9 matches in the US

Messi’s arrival at Inter Miami increased MLS ticket sales by 1,034%, bringing in 265 million USD after only appearing in 9 matches in the US!

Not only Inter Miami benefits greatly from signing Messi, but the entire MLS tournament is excited because the presence of the Argentine superstar helps them make money, with ticket prices skyrocketing like never before.

Messi, Busquets and Jordi Alba, after helping Inter Miami win the Leagues Cup, continued to fly to New York to compete before returning home to celebrate. In the picture is the legendary Barca trio with club co-owner Jorge Mas on the evening of August 28

The Argentine superstar made an immediate impact on ticket prices, skyrocketing 1,034% immediately after confirming his arrival at Inter Miami.

Since his debut in the US and creating a last-minute masterpiece to help Inter Miami win 2-1 against Cruz Azul in the Leagues Cup on July 22, every match with Messi has skyrocketed ticket prices.

So far, Messi has brought in $ 265 million from ticket sales, after only 9 matches playing for Inter Miami over the past 1 month.

Because stadiums in the US have a relatively small capacity, getting tickets to see Messi becomes even more difficult and expensive.

Previously, tickets to watch MLS matches only cost a few dozen dollars, but now they cost many times more.

Like Inter Miami’s match at Los Angeles on September 4, the lowest ticket price is 422 USD.

The New York Red Bulls owners were extremely happy last weekend because of the big income from playing against Inter Miami with Messi. Specifically, if the ticket previously only cost 29 USD, it has now increased by 285% to 850 USD!

The moment Messi entered the field in his MLS debut said all about his heat in America. When M10 was still on the bench, the stands continuously chanted: “We want Messi. We want Messi…”

Lionel Messi makes MLS debut: How does the league work? | Football News | Al Jazeera

This match marked Messi’s MLS debut, after the matches he played in the Leagues Cup and US Open Cup. The 36-year-old striker even entered the field in the 60th minute, it was enough to make the audience go crazy with a display of skills and vision that were not common with teammates before scoring a 2-0 victory for Inter. Miami against the New York Red Bulls in the 89th minute.

Lionel Messi ra mắt hoành tráng màu áo mới Inter Miami - Báo An Giang Online

Sources said that when they knew that Messi could dock at Inter Miami, the New York Red Bulls “om” the season ticket, asked the MLS organizers to reschedule the Beckham team’s match and they were extremely satisfied with the result. The return far exceeds the calculation.

Coach Tata Martino soon announced good news to fans: Messi will be on the field from the start at Inter Miami against Nashville at 6:30 am tomorrow, August 31

And Messi not only helps Inter Miami and MLS teams make a lot of money from ticket sales. Since the launch of M10, MLS Season Pass on AppleTV has attracted more than 300,000 new subscribers, earning more than 29.7 million USD. Messi himself receives a portion of this revenue.

Inter Miami has always won (including on penalties) since Messi, won the Leagues Cup, with another final ahead (US Open Cup)

Inter Miami will meet Nashville again, the team they won in the Leagues Cup final. Coach Tata Martino soon announced information that made fans even more crazy: Messi will fight from the beginning!

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