PSG accepted to sell Mbappe to Al Hilal

TMW claims that PSG has accepted Al Hilal’s bid of 200 million euros for Kylian Mbappe.

Mbappe, a 24-year-old French striker, had just one year left on his contract when PSG reportedly put him on their transfer list after he declined to extend it.

Mbappe wants to join Real Madrid, but after spending £113 million to acquire Jude Bellingham from Borussia Dortmund, it’s doubtful if the Royal Spanish Club has any remaining funds to sign the best striker in PSG history. Al Hilal had enough money to close the huge purchase, though.

According to the TMW page, the Saudi club made PSG an offer to buy Mbappe for 200 million euros, and they accepted it.

According to TMW, Mbappe received a long-term contract from Al Hilal with a salary of 400 million euros annually, which is quadruple what Cristiano Ronaldo makes at Al Nassr.

Even if PSG decided to extend Mbappe’s contract in order to pursue his ambition of joining Real Madrid, it is improbable that Mbappe will accept Al Hilal’s offer to play in Saudi Arabia.

Al Hilal, who only placed third in the Saudi Pro League last season, recently spent £47 million to buy midfielder Ruben Neves from Wolves and £17 million to sign Chelsea center-back Kalidou Koulibaly to bolster the team.

The PSG board informed Mbappe that failing to exercise the 1-year contract extension clause by July 31 will result in his sale.

Mbappe has spent six seasons at PSG and has contributed to the club’s 12 major championships. He is regarded as the emblem of this competition and has scored the most goals in Ligue 1 over the past five seasons.

Mbappe scored 29 goals in Ligue 1, 7 goals in the Champions League, and 5 goals in the French Cup during the previous campaign. Mbappe becomes the club’s all-time leading scorer with 212 goals scored in 260 appearances for PSG after scoring 41 goals in 43 games. The French captain, though, was dissatisfied with PSG’s Champions League campaign. Despite significant financial investments, including the acquisition of Messi and Neymar, PSG has never won the premier league in Europe.

L’Equipe (France) claims that Mbappe was forced by PSG to either extend his contract or depart this summer. He won’t be allowed to participate if the former AS Monaco attacker purposefully stays behind.

Relevo (Spain) reports that Luis Enrique, the new coach, is dissatisfied with how much the PSG administration meddles in business matters and treats him like a puppet.

The PSG president’s choice to remove Mbappe from the tour roster and include the French captain among the players who were not in his plans incensed the Spanish coach.

Luis Enrique thinks PSG will resolve the Mbappe issues quickly. Luis Enrique would probably ignore Al-Khelaifi’s orders to send the 24-year-old striker onto the field if Mbappe stays at PSG after this summer.

Luis Enrique made it clear that he was the only person who could make decisions regarding his career from the moment he signed with PSG.

Since taking over as manager at the Park of the Princes in place of Christophe Galtier, Luis Enrique has clashed twice with the PSG hierarchy. Prior to that, Luis Enrique and PSG’s sporting director Luis Campos got into an argument.

At first, Luis Enrique disagreed with Luis Campos’ desire to retain some members of the coaching staff working under Christophe Galtier. Then, Luis Campos was forced to relent and allow the former Spain coach to appoint his squad to the coaching staff.

This incident appears to be more serious than Al-Khelaifi, who confronted Mbappe and made a difficult choice. Luis Enrique might face a ruthless dismissal if he disagrees with Al-Khelaifi because the PSG president is well known for being tough on the coaches and has an abundance of contract money.

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