Photo Gallery: Odell Beckham enjoys great moments with friends

Odell Beckham Jr. showing off the beautiful limited edition Virgil Abloh Maybach

The NFL great Odell Beckham Jr. is known for making dramatic catches on the field, but he has also recently displayed flair off it. The gifted wide receiver used Instagram to show off his limited-edition Virgil Abloh Maybach to the app’s 17.2 million users.

Only 150 of the Virgil Abloch Maybach S680 were produced and they went on sale last month. According to, it was discovered that a unit of the car costs between $500K and $600K.

The Ravens wideout hanging out with his new ride.

Beckham Jr. will be playing for the Baltimore Ravens this upcoming season after suffering an ACL injury in Super Bowl 56 with the Los Angeles Rams. He missed the entire 2022 season and was a coveted free agent before being signed by the Ravens last month.

OBJ stepped out and sat in his new ride.

Before playing with the Rams last season, Odell Beckham Jr. played 29 games spanning three seasons with the Cleveland Browns. He started out playing for the New York Giants, spending the first five seasons with the franchise.

Lamar Jackson, who recently signed a significant contract extension with Baltimore, will be delivering passes to Beckham Jr. The former LSU star hopes to become Jackson’s second wide receiver to have a season with 1,000 yards of receptions. The final player with 1,008 yards in the 2021 season was Marquise Brown.

How much will Odell Beckham Jr. make in the 2023 season?

The 30-year-old signed a one-year deal worth up to $18 million with the Ravens which included $13.835 million guaranteed at signing. A great season in 2023 could see Odell Beckham Jr. get a multi-year contract.

According to Spotrac, his market is a four-year deal worth almost $51 million.

Fans will see if the receiver can get back into form, helping Jackson and the Ravens make some noise in the 2023 season.

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