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Classic arts bloom in tattoos. in this interview, tattooist Eunyu shares her views on artistic tattoos, how to choose one and take care of it.

Old Art In New Form – Tattooist Eunyu Interview

Two years ago, I watched an interview with two tattoo artists in New York. They were a couple. When talking about the difficulties tattoo artists faced, the husband pointed out that tattoos rank pretty low in the art hierarchy. “Many people didn’t even treat tattoos as art,” he added.

What he said gave me mixed feelings. On the one hand, I cannot deny it. Compared to paintings or sculptures, tattoos serve a smaller audience. But, on the other hand, I’ve seen so many tattoos that are masterpieces. They are not just ink on the skin. They are a new canvas that old arts bloom.

That’s why I am thrilled to see tattoos combined with other art forms. And when I came across South Korean tattooist Eunyu’s works, I knew I had to interview her. She made photos and famous paintings lively and personal.

So if you are a fan of artistic tattoos, don’t miss this interview with tattooist Eunyu where she talks about her works, inspirations, and tips to choose and take care of a colored tattoo.

The starting of career

Eunyn is a tattooist living and working in South Korea. She has her private tattoo studio in Seoul. With over 85k followers on Instagram, she is a rising star in the Korean tattoo industry. With her techniques and aesthetics, she has created a collection of animal tattoos, food tattoos, photos, and painting tattoos.

Scroll through her Instagram profile, and you’ll find that her style is feminine and sophisticated. First, she captures every detail of a natural object, a painting, or a photo. Then she highlights the characteristics and makes them more adorable—no wonder she has attracted many female clients and followers who want to have similar ink.

But she didn’t start as a tattooist. In fact, she didn’t think of becoming a tattooist when she graduated.

“Being a painter was my childhood dream, and it has always been a goal for me,” Eunyu said. “That’s why I went to a college of art. But when I graduated, I found that it was not easy to pursue a career as a painter.”

So for a year after graduation, Eunyu worked in the office like most of us do. “But I always want to draw. The desire never died.” Against all odds, she decided to quit her job and go for it anyway. She then studied tattooing with a Korean tattooist named Sol. After it, she continued to do guest work while perfecting her skills in the meantime.

It has been five years since she first got into the business. Her efforts and courage pay off as now she is one of the rising stars in tattooing in South Korea.

Interpretation of art

Since childhood, tattooist Eunyu has had a strong passion for art. She loves paintings, especially those of Gustav Klimt and Claude Monet. And it contributes to her current tattoo style, and she has also done a lot of tattoos based on famous paintings.

“I really love Monet’s art because of the unique textures and the soft colors, which are characteristics of Impressionist paintings. And the colors, details, and curves of Klimt’s artworks fascinate me. In particular, his artwork Hygieia speaks to me. It’s a beautiful and strong piece of art.”

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But tattooing a famous painting onto the skin is not as easy as it seems. And the standards are high.

“You have to be careful and pay close attention every second. Paintings, especially portraits, have a lot of details in lines and colors. If the client wants something close to the original, there is very little room for error.”

It could be both a pleasure and a challenge to recreate a world-famous painting on the skin. But at the end of the day, it’s all about representing a person’s identity. And a good painting tattoo reflects the wearer’s aesthetics, passion, and attitude towards life.

“If the client likes the tattoo, I think it is successful. And it’s my job to create a tattoo that looks good, compliments the shape of the body, and lasts long.”

Tattoos of Eunyu

Besides painting tattoos, tattooist Eunyu has also created animals and food tattoos that capture a lot of attention.

“So far, my most popular tattoos on social media are goldfish, jellyfish, and waves. Most of my clients are women in their 20s and 30s. And I think they prefer flowy and cursive designs. They are elegant and will add femininity to a body part.”

And personally, she loves tattooing birds and fish. “To me, they represent freedom. Their movements are boundless. And with a tattoo that is static on the skin, you can still work with different compositions to create motion, as if they are moving freely in breeze and waves.”

To tattooist Eunyu, skills and techniques are just one part of tattooing. Communication is the foundation of getting the right tattoo for a client. “Your tattoo is only as good as your communication with the client. Knowing what they want allows me to create something perfect for them.” Tattooing for Eunyu is like telling someone else’s story, but with ink and needles.

“I remember a girl once came to me for a tattoo. She had gone through a lot in her life, but she overcame it with courage and faith. And she wanted something to symbolize her strength. So I designed a tattoo with another her hugging herself. She was happy about the representation. And it made me happy, too. “

It’s not uncommon to want to cover up an old tattoo when it fails to represent you anymore. But it’s not always easy to find a design that suits the new you and has good coverage. Eunyu has done a lot of cover-up tattoos. And she has her own way of dealing with it.

“I think landscapes and shadows do a great job covering an old tattoo or a scar. It’s natural and believable. But it does take plenty of time to work out a design that the client likes and will fit above the old tattoo. “

How to find and take care of your tattoo

Tattoos stay on the skin for a lifetime. So while some may have a tattoo idea for themselves, others are cautious about what they want to get. And it’s natural to go back and forth on a potential idea. That’s why I’ve asked Eunyu for some professional advice.

“I think it’s hard to go wrong with flowers, birds, gems, etc. But, if you want something more emotional and personal, a family photo will also be great.”

In terms of the placement, tattooist Eunyu suggested the arm. “The arm will be perfect if you want a visible tattoo. The skin is not wrinkled, and it has a lot of space to work on.”

If you already have a tattoo, it takes effort to keep the colors fresh and vibrant. “The skills of the tattooist always come first. The application of color largely decides if it will stay or not. And next in line is the aftercare for the two weeks upon getting a tattoo. Hygiene is key. You want to avoid inflammation.”

Life as an artist

As a tattooist, Eunyu loves the flexibility of her schedule and the room to improve.

“I always want to try new things and improve my designs. I believe that perfection is achieved through trial and error.” She might be known for her small, dainty designs. But she is ready to expand her comfort zone. “I want to do bigger and stunning tattoos that complement the body shape. And I also want to meet with clients from different backgrounds or countries so I can hear their stories and create something amazing. “

But, life as a tattooist isn’t always easy. “For now, the difficulties all South Korean tattooists face is the law. It’s illegal to get a tattoo from anyone without a medical license. But no one wants to get tattoos from a doctor. There has been an ongoing debate for years, and I hope the problem will resolve soon.”

Eunyu is not just a tattooist. “I love art so much. If I were not a tattooist, I would probably work in art-related fields or art schools for children.”

When she’s not tattooing or drawing, you will probably find her petting her cat at home or exploring cafés in her town. And, just like you and me, she loves binge-watching Netflix when she has time.

Want to know more about tattooist Eunyu’s works? Check out her Instagram profile. If you have questions for Eunyu, leave a comment down below!

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