Not come to America with Messi, Neymar received €160 million to go to Saudi Arabia to confront Ronaldo

Al Hilal club reached an agreement to recruit Neymar under a 2-year contract, the Brazilian player personally received 160 million euros.

Specifically, Neymar signed a 2-year contract with Al Hilal club in the Saudi Arabian league worth 160 million euros. In addition, the Middle Eastern team also has to pay PSG an amount of 90 million euros (not including surcharges).

The parting between Neymar and PSG was predictable. Both no longer want to stick from last season. However, no club in Europe can meet the financial needs of both PSG and Neymar.

Fans in Paris have long had no sympathy for Neymar. The fact that he could not help the European champion team, plus the constant injuries made everyone depressed. In his documentary, the Brazilian striker also expressed his frustration when constantly having to confront the home team’s fans.

The sale of Neymar is also a factor that helps the PSG elite improve their relationship with superstar Kylian Mbappe. These two players have had many conflicts throughout the past season.

A month ago, Neymar publicly announced his intention to leave PSG. He intended to go to the US to join Inter Miami and reunite with Messi but failed. Beckham’s team has no intention of making this deal.

With the decision to go to Saudi Arabia, it can be said that Neymar has closed his peak playing career. However, his challenge is still great when he has to face Ronaldo, Sadio Mane, Brozovic of Al-Nassr club.

In 6 years with PSG, Neymar has 118 goals, 70 assists in 173 appearances. He and the home team of the princes dominated the domestic league but failed to win the Champions League.

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