Mom ‘drooling’! Georgina Rodríguez shows off a special gift given to her by her children

Georgina Rodríguez is a ‘drool’ mom and is keen to show it off on social media. In his most recent share, Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend shows off the gift she received from her children.

In the image shared by Georgina Rodríguez, a mug can be seen with the words ‘The most wonderful mother’.

“ Gift of my life,” the Spaniard wrote in the publication, referring to her children.

It is known that Georgina welcomed her youngest daughter  Bella Esmerald in April last year. The baby with  Cristianinho, 13 years old, and Eva,  Mateo, and Alana Martina, 5 years old.

Rodriguez will still receive more than a million even after splitting with CR7

In June, Ronaldo and Georgina decided to formalize their relationship after years of dating. Following this, the couple also decided to sign a prenup. This legal document protects the soccer player’s assets in the event of a separation. In regards to Rodriguez, if they were to split up, she would be entitled to their Madrid family home.

Furthermore, according to the terms of their agreement, Georgina would receive $107,000 on a monthly basis for her lifetime. This equates to an annual sum of $1,284,000 for as long as she lives. Considering these substantial figures, it is challenging to believe the prediction suggesting that she will face financial hardships following their anticipated breakup – a scenario that currently seems unlikely.

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