Messi and Ronaldo supporters were taken aback by Antonella’s response to Georgina.

With Messi’s wife making a startling move toward Ronaldo’s girlfriend recently, it appears that the competition between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo is gradually giving way to friendship.

Mientras CR7 le paga a Georgina, lo que hace Antonela para no depender de Messi | El Futbolero México Ligas Internacionales

While CR7 is paying Georgina, Antonela is taking steps to become independent of Messi. International Leagues of El Futbolero Mexico

Without a question, Messi and Ronaldo are the top two players in the twenty-first century. Additionally, the competition between the two most well-known stars in the globe constantly generates commotion and grabs people’s attention. attention.

Cristiano Ronaldo, a Portuguese great, sent out a very direct message: “Who likes Ronaldo?” when Messi and Ronaldo supporters were busy debating who should be named the GOAT (Best Player of All Time). Hating Messi or vice versa is not required.

Cum au reacționat Georgina Rodriguez și Antonella Roccuzzo după fotografia cu Leo Messi și Cristiano Ronaldo

Numerous individuals were immediately upset by the message Ronaldo delivered, especially Messi and Ronaldo supporters.

Now it’s Messi’s lovely wife Antonella Roccuzzo’s turn. The star is currently representing Inter Miami in the US Professional Soccer League (MLS), and she shocked everyone when she messaged Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez.

How did Georgina Rodriguez and Antonella Roccuzzo react to the photos of Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo?

When Georgina went to the Venice Film Festival as a guest, everything began. Georgina, a WAG who has attended the event five times, is drawing reporters and admirers of the silver film. When she was dressed in a flowing garment with a plunging neckline, her pink figure with Spanish and Argentinian blood on her body won the admiration of people. Georgina wore a silver necklace with brilliant diamonds at the same time. Her jewelry collection, valued at £4 million, includes this bracelet.

The striker now with Al Nasr and girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodriguez, posted a picture of an incredible costume she wore to the Venice Film Festival on social media in a happy mood. Georgina was instantly complimented by Messi’s wife Antonella with the comment “Beautiful” and a heart-shaped emoji. Fans responded to Antonella’s statement with more than 50 likes and more than 1,500 likes in less than a minute.

Both Messi and Ronaldo followers were thrilled by Messi’s wife’s aforementioned action. Many people believe that Messi’s wife has always treated Ronaldo’s girlfriend with respect. And this will mark the beginning of two well-known football star couples’ friendship.

Some even see a future in which Messi, his wife, Ronaldo, and his girlfriend all have a wonderful supper together. In truth, Ronaldo has already stated a desire to dine with Messi, but this has not yet materialized.

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