Lion tattoos vary in size, shape, and location on the ʙᴏᴅʏ

Lion tattoos vary in size, shape, and location on the ʙᴏᴅʏ. It is known that the lion is one of the most vicious and feared animals in the animal kingdom. Leading its pack of lionesses lions can devour and eat an animal before it’s aware of what’s happening to it. Thanks to their strength, courage, and ᴛʜʀᴇᴀᴛ that they pose, lions are often called the kings of the animal kingdom. With that in mind, the same saying can inspire dozens of lion tattoos.

Lions generally don’t need a crown to be called the king of animals. Their posture, moveᴍᴇɴt, agility, and strength easily proclaim them as one. However, the crown on the lions’ heads on a tattoo is associated with a myriad of different symbolism, cultural and religious meanings.

A lion is also one of the most popular symbols for a tattoo. Oftentimes, it’s favored by both ᴍᴇɴ and woᴍᴇɴ, and combined with other powerful animals, either other cats such as tigers, leopards, or jaguars, or other vicious predators such as bears, wolves, as well as mythical animals such as dragons and phoenixes.

Given both the physical and symbolic importance of the lion as an animal, we decided to write a detailed article about lions, and popular tattoo ideas that follow lions carrying a crown on the head. As you continue to read through this article, you’ll see the importance of a crown on a lion’s head, and how empowering it can feel on the ʙᴏᴅʏ.

With that being said, stay with us throughout the rest of the article, and check out the best lion with crown tattoo designs that we found and analyzed for you. Even if you won’t use them for your tattoo, we hope that it will help you get more ideas and consult with your tattoo artist.

Needless to say, lions are associated with royalty, power, courage, and many other powerful traits. Most kingdoms and empires worshipped lions and designed crowns, etchings, jewelry, armor, and even weapon with the crest of the lion.

It’s a quite complex tattoo, which is why tattoo artists usually don’t accept lion tattoos unless it’s a larger design so that it can be designed with caution, depth, and all the details that accompany lions. Without further ado, let’s dig into the symbolism, history, and meanings of lion tattoos.

Lion With Crown Tattoo Meanings

You’ll be ᴀᴍᴀᴢᴇᴅ by the rich symbolism and origin of lions. Given that lions have been around on Earth for a very long time, our early civilizations and tribes could observe them and use those observations to learn more about them.

We’re certain that early hunters learned that lions are courageous, vicious, fearless, and can easily overpower their prey. Whether he’s alone or hunting with its pack of lionesses, lions can get a hold of any animals, that often ᴡɪᴛʜᴅʀᴀᴡ to avoid being ruthlessly killed.

These powerful attributes led to lions being carefully portrayed in different cultures. While lions were the most powerful creatures in the animal kingdom that they ruled, the rulers of early civilizations also compared themselves to these majestic animals that they portrayed on walls, clothes, jewelry, and crowns.

It was especially respected in Roman mythology where it is associated with romance and love, given that the lion tribe usually counts many lionesses, the lovers of the lions. They’re also the symbol of power in Egypt, where they’re portrayed as twin lions standing one against another.

Lions were the symbol of protection and balance, which is why most important buildings in the ancient Egyptian culture had the symbols of lions. In ancient China, the lion is also an ancient animal, with various lion statues that were the symbol of guardianship. It was also believed to be closely connected to the sun, thanks to its golden mane.

In Christianity, lions also make an important symbol, especially if the lion is adorned with the crown on its head. It’s the symbol of balance, and various positive Christian beliefs, and the monarchy. Lastly, the lion is popular in the astrology too.

Lion’s astrological version is known as Leo, and it represents a fire eleᴍᴇɴt zodiac sign that starts from July 23rd and lasts until August 22. It is described by extreme courage, confidence, boldness, energy, and ambitiousness. In the zodiac, along with Libra, Leo also stands for balance, which pulls roots from Egyptian history.

Now after looking at the cultures where the lion with the crown tattoo appears, let’s take a look at meanings.


The lion is the symbol of strength, courage, fearlessness, and ruling. Lions rule all the animals and can easily decide about their fate. They’re agile, fast, and vicious. The crown is the highest symbol of monarchy. It’s worn by kings, queens, emperors, and empresses, and it’s been like that for thousands of years.

These two symbols together mark endless and indestructible power. If you value your strength, feel like a powerful person, or want to use your ambitious traits to rise to the top, this tattoo is perfect for you.


On the land, there’s no more fearless animal than a lion. They are territorial and they won’t let anyone ᴜsᴜʀᴘ them. They will defend their tribe and fight for prevalence against other grown lions who ᴛʜʀᴇᴀᴛᴇɴ to overthrow and banish them, and are fearless in facing their prey.

If you want to pump up your courage and show how fearless you are, a big lion tattoo with a crown is a good way to show it and help yourself stand out.

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With great power comes great responsibility, but also authority. Lions are known for their authority. Lion packs are known as pride, and usually don’t include more than three grown lions. Instead, they consist of a bunch of lionesses and a lion that leads the pack. Once the lion cubs grow one to three years, they leave the pack and either work on their own or try to overthrow another lion’s pack.

That’s why lions are majestic, and if you feel like you have good leadership skills and traits, you should promote your authority with a lion tattoo, especially if you’ll include a large and detailed crown on its head.


Lions are big cats led by their instinct, but it’s not easy to rule a lion’s pride. While observing lions, many civilizations absorbed important life lessons which helped monarchs and rulers be wiser. By their appearance, lions also seem like wise animals, which is why they continuously inspire tattoos. The Crown is also the symbol of wisdom in many cultures.

Family Values

As ᴍᴇɴtioned earlier, lions live in pride with many lionesses. It’s worth noting that most of those lions and lionesses are related in one way or another, but they always stand up for one another and ᴀᴛᴛᴀᴄᴋ as one.

This inspires strong and protective family values and bonds and helps tattoo enthusiasts gather ideas for making a family-connected lion tattoo. Usually, a good idea is to include a lion and its lionesses and cubs. But, don’t forget the crown! It gives more power and style to the tattoo.

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Hope is always the sign of healing, victory, success, and many other things. As long as there’s still hope, nothing is lost. Hope and lions share connections in Christianity, and many other symbols shared across different civilizations and tribes.

Lion as hope is also a symbol used in fantasy and fiction. Particularly, one of the most popular fantasy lions was brought from C. S. Lewis’s Narnia series, with the lion king known as Aslan that ruled the imaginary land known as Narnia.

Lion With Crown Tattoo ideas

Now that we highlighted the key meanings of the lion with crown tattoos, let’s take a look at some ideas that could help you choose the design that would work with you.

Large Lion Tattoo  – When getting a lion tattoo, it’d be a good idea to consider the size and area that you’ll ink. Lions are majestic and the more details are put in the tattoo the more stylish and powerful it looks. Take a visible and large location for the tattoo and put extra details on the crown.

Small lion tattoo  – As ᴍᴇɴtioned above small tattoos with lions are rarer because tattoo artists want to focus on details. But, you can always ink a tattoo with a lion cub that has a crown.

Lion Head With Crown  – Another good idea for a lion tattoo if you don’t want to go for a large tattoo is to ink only the head, adorned with a bold crown and decorated with jewels, zircons, and other details. You can’t go wrong with that.

Lion Surrounded By Fire  – If you tattoo a lion with a crown on its head, you should consider adding other powerful eleᴍᴇɴts such as fire. Fire is described as passion, strength, and determination to succeed.

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40+ Best Lion With Crown Tattoo Design Ideas

If these ideas didn’t awaken your imagination and creativity, here are the best lion with crown tattoo designs that will help you form the greater picture in your mind.

Lion Head With Crown Tattoo

Some people may want to save some space and not ink an entire lion with the crown on their ʙᴏᴅʏ. That’s why the lion head may look like a better idea because it sparks the imagination and helps detail the lion better.

If you ink only the head, the tattoo artist would be able to emphasize the lion’s head, mane, eyes, and the entire posture of the head while also highlighting the jewels on the crown. This tattoo is good in both smaller and larger options and can often be found on the bicep or entire arm, while on some lesser occasions, it can be found on the back or thighs.

In the pictures above, you can see different depictions of the lion head tattoo that also hosts crowns. They are deep and detailed and convey so much emotion and power even without some heavy or intense shading.

Roaring Lion With Crown Tattoo

Lions are firm, powerful, have great posture and there is no better way to present their power than with their scary roar that can easily sᴄᴀʀᴇ away the animals or make them hide in their shelter. An angry lion means the manifestation of power, although lions don’t always roar when they’re angry.

With that being said, a tattoo with a roaring lion says a lot about your confidence, your power, and your position. You’re an ambitious person who wants to highlight their boldness and tell everyone that you’re not afraid of anything. That’s exactly how a roaring lion tattoo should sound.

Lion With Crown Tattoo On Hand

While some people are afraid of showcasing their tattoos because their bosses or other employers and employees will mind their tattoo, some want to put it in a place that is easily visible for them to flaunt. A wrist or hand looks like a good area to get a lion with a crown tattoo.

It’s not just the location, inking and shading your arm will make your tattoo incredibly stunning and will add more effect to your style and fashion. Also, tattoo artists usually get requests for colorful lion tattoos with depth and details, but sometimes, there are requests for smaller tattoos like the one in the third picture.

Minimalistic Lion With Crown Tattoo

Lions are majestic animals and tattoo artists invest a lot of details to make the tattoo look good and attractive. But sometimes, using a more minimalistic design is better. To get a more minimalistic design, you can use thin shades and keep your tattoo black and white. More minimalistic tattoos are also smaller compared to others.

Another example of a minimalistic tattoo that we also liked a lot is the geometrical tattoo that we listed in the picture above. All the diᴍᴇɴsions and shapes presented in the tattoo add more depth and take the breath away.

Lion With Crown Arm Sleeve

As tattoos become more and more popularized and accepted, some people want to get as much ink on the ʙᴏᴅʏ as possible. The famous tattoo arm sleeves are no exception as there are a lot of tattoo designs that describe this kind of tattoo.

Tattoo sleeves either feature a large tattoo on the arm with the key eleᴍᴇɴt being located on the shoulder or bicep, in this case, the lion. Some tattoo enthusiasts give more details to the tattoo so they include more symbols such as flowers, statues, patterns, and geometrical shapes.

This not only decorates the tattoo but also highlights the lion to be more noticeable.

Lion With Crown On Chest Tattoo

Whether you’re going for a smaller or larger tattoo of a lion, you can never make mistake with the chest tattoo. Tattoos on the chest can be quite painful to make, especially as you go down and approach the rib cage, but they are the next level indicator of strength and sacrifice.

People enjoy getting both minimalistic and detailed tattoos of a lion. However, more details are always more welcome on chest tattoos, as shown above.

Lion With Crown Leg Tattoo

If you want a large tattoo, but don’t want it to always be visible and noticeable to others, the leg is always the best option. Legs are a good location for ink because you can go for both smaller and larger tattoos. If you go for a large tattoo, you’ll have a lot of space.

Then again, going for a smaller tattoo leaves more space in case you change your mind and want to go for more tattoos. Either way, we love the tattoos above, they’re deep, detailed, and add a new diᴍᴇɴsion to the lion kings.

Bicep Lion Tattoo

Biceps are a popular location for lion tattoos because the bicep is the symbol of strength, and lions are strong and powerful. More importantly, the bicep is one of the lesser painful areas for tattoos because of the thickness of the skin and not enough touch with the ʙᴏɴᴇ if you have more skin.

Either way, if you decide to go with this area for tattoo, bear in mind that the larger tattoos of lion heads are more common than going for the entire lion ʙᴏᴅʏ. Also, it’s a great alternative for those who don’t want to ink their entire arm into an arm sleeve.

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Floral Lion With Crown Tattoo

Lions have a gentler side too. After all, they are surrounded by a pride of lionesses that loyally follow their orders and instincts. They are always surrounding lions and helping one another. That being said, flowers in a lion tattoo are a good symbol of softness and gentleness.

Lion With Crown Back Tattoo

We can without a doubt say that the back is the best area to get a tattoo if it’s large. Back tattoos are a masterpiece, state-of-art representations of creativity, while the back is a large and gentle canvas. For woᴍᴇɴ, the back is a bit less painful than for ᴍᴇɴ, which is why it’s a popular tattoo spot among woᴍᴇɴ.

Nevertheless, that didn’t stop ᴍᴇɴ from getting both smaller and larger tattoos. Larger tattoos are popular when you want to add more symbols, especially animals like it’s the case in the second image. Beautiful!

Lion Cub With Crown Tattoo

Lion King and many other docuᴍᴇɴtaries associated with lions taught us that lion cubs are curious and ambitious to discover the hidden and unknown.

The first association to lion cub tattoo are children, which is why these tattoos are popular with other pride members, or as depicting a roaring lion cub like in the picture. The crown is there to show the value that a loved person you dedicated this tattoo too has in your heart.

Lioness With Crown Tattoo

Lions are not the only animals that hold the crown, lionesses are numerous in the pride and can outnumber their prey easily. In a group of powerful lionesses, nothing can escape. With that in mind, lions are not the only ones that can wear the crown, lionesses can too.

Of course, if you want to ink a lioness, you can either keep the crown as it is or would be with a male lion or go for a smaller and feminine version that would put an emphasis on your sweeter and more courteous traits.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lion With Crown Tattoo

If you have some questions about the tattoo with a crowned lion, we tried to answer some of them. Make sure to check them out, and hopefully, they help you make your final decision.

Q: Should I Include The Crown in My Lion Tattoo?

A : Lion being the king of the jungle could be pretty self-explanatory, but adding a tattoo that also includes the crown could emphasize your royalty, boldness, power, and other traits that make you feel more courteous. But, after all, it’s your tattoo and you can consult your tattoo artist on making the final decision.

Q: How Much Would a Lion With The Crown Tattoo Cost?

A : That depends on the kind of tattoo you’d want to make. Lions are a popular tattoo symbol among many people, especially if you want to go for a larger and more detailed tattoo. With that in mind, smaller tattoos could cost anywhere from $150-$300, while tattoo sleeves and large back tattoos could cost anywhere from $500 to $3000.

Q: Can I Ink a Female Lion With The Crown?

A : Absolutely. Lionesses are important too. They provide for the pride, which wouldn’t exist if they weren’t hunting. Also, they’re important assets for mating and providing the successor of the pride. That being said, don’t shy away from getting your lioness a crown she’ll be proud of. Design it according to your needs and wishes that will enhance the tattoo’s look.

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