Kristen Stewart will ‘never do’ a Marvel movie unless Greta Gerwig asks her

Kristen Stewart said that she is not sure if she would ever see herself in a Marvel movie because it feels ‘algorithmic’ and almost like a nightmare.


Kristen Stewart is sharing her thoughts on starring in a Marvel movie in the near future.

In a new interview with the Not Skinny but Not Fat podcast, the actor shared that she cannot do something that is so controlled by the system and the algorithm but kept a special condition if ever she considers the offer. It would have to be Greta Gerwig as the director to really make her take up a Marvel project. 

During her appearance at the podcast, Kristen said: “I will likely never do a Marvel movie… it sounds like a nightmare, actually. You would have to put so much money and so much trust into one person … and it doesn’t happen. And so therefore, what ends up happening is this algorithmic, weird experience where you can’t feel personal at all about it. So likely not.

Kristen further added that if ever she does sign a project under Marvel, it would have to be on the condition that the director is Greta Gerwig. “But maybe the world changes, that’s what I’m saying. How could I tell you no when maybe one day … if Greta Gerwig asked me to do a Marvel movie, then I would do it,” she said.

Greta Gerwig is the Academy Award-nominated writer-director behind last year’s Barbie. She also directed Lady Bird and Little Women.

Kristen recently premiered two of her films, Love Me and Love Lies Bleeding, at the 40th edition of the Sundance Film Festival. She was also awarded with the Visionary Award at the same festival.

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