Inspiring Memorial Tattoos To Cherish Your Loved Ones

Nothing will ever replace being with a loved one, but a memorial tattoo is a great way to carry on their legacy if they have died away. There are countless options for memorial tattoos, from little and discreet to large and intricate covering your entire arm.

Getting an “in loving memory” tattoo inked in honor of someone you love and admire can also be a therapeutic part of the grieving process. For many, it’s a permanent way to keep a loved one close when they physically can’t be there anymore, as well as a permanent reminder of the memories and love you will always carry. Since it’s a permanent symbol of remembrance, you want to be 100 percent sure about the design and tattoo you choose. If you’re struggling to think of some inspiration, we recommend brainstorming about something that always stuck with you, a symbolic reminder that represents what they mean to you, or a vivid memory you have of them.

Whether you’re searching for simple memorial tattoos or just a general remembrance tattoo, we’ve got some ideas. Here are some real-life examples of memorial tattoos to get you thinking.

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