Inside the call of Cristiano Ronaldo and famous TV show host at the hotel in Arab Saudi

Kuwaiti TV hostess Halima Bouland recently boasted of chatting with Cristiano Ronaldo, stemming from a wrong call from CR7 when the two were at the Saudi Arabian Hotel. The Portuguese superstar called a friend but accidentally dialed Halima’s room number by mistake. After discovering the wrong number, C. Ronaldo and the 43-year-old beauty still spent a few minutes chatting with each other.

The content of the conversation between C. Ronaldo and Halima Bouland is as follows:

– C. Ronaldo: Hello

– Halima Bouland: Hello

– C. Ronaldo: Oh, I seem to have dialed the wrong number, I’m Cristiano

– Halima Bouland: Huh, you’re Cristiano Ronaldo?

– C. Ronaldo: Yes, I’m Cristiano Ronaldo

– Halima Bouland: Oh my god, are you serious?

– C. Ronaldo: Yes, but I’m calling my friend, sorry (laughs).

– Halima Bouland: I’m your friend

– C. Ronaldo: But you’re staying at this hotel, aren’t you?

– Halima Bouland: Yes, very close to you

– C. Ronaldo: But your room seems to have two people?

– Halima Bouland: That’s right

– C. Ronaldo: You and your friend?

– Halima Bouland: Yes, me and my boyfriend are staying at this hotel

– C. Ronaldo: What are you doing here?

– Halima Bouland: I’m a TV MC, a celebrity

– C. Ronaldo: Ah, sorry, I called the wrong number

– Halima Bouland: It’s okay, this is the best wrong call in the world. My name is Halima Bouland.

Halima Bouland was born in 1980 in Kuwait, currently a TV MC. She used to be a model and won the title of “Miss Arab Newspaper” 2007. Halima Bouland has more than 3.6 million followers on Instagram, is one of the most famous people in Kuwait.

C. Ronaldo is wearing the Al Nassr club shirt at the Saudi Arabia championship. In the 2022-2023 season, the 38-year-old superstar scored 14 goals in 19 appearances for this team.

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