Inside Georgina Rodriguez’s Luxurious Morning of Shopping and Indulgence

The second season of the reality show ‘I am Georgina’ on Netflix has provided fans with a fascinating insight into the life of the young model.

Last week, Georgina Rodriguez, Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner, gave a preview of an upcoming interview on Spanish TV show El Hormiguero, in which she presented her second season of the ‘I am Georgina’ show on Netflix. She revealed to fans that they could see and know more personal facets of her life.

In an episode of the second season of the docuseries, fashion lover and trendsetter Gio goes shopping. In this one you can see how she doesn’t hide her great weakness for shopping, although she confesses that it makes her anxious because she likes everything.

The young woman has a strange habit when she goes shopping: she never tries on clothes in the stores. If she likes a garment, she buys it and then wears it home. This makes the final bill much higher, and she has to return what she doesn’t want.

In the episode of her docuseries, the influencer said: “I went to a store to buy a little outfit for the beach and ended up taking half the store with me. Let them tell me now how much is the joke.” After adding her dresses, shirts and some detail for Cristiano Ronaldo, the bill amounted to 27,515 euros.

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