Hundreds of fans in Bolivia were present to welcome Lionel Messi, standing in the streets to welcome him, continuously chanting his idol’s name

There were hundreds of fans waiting in Bolivia to greet Lionel Messi and the other members of the Argentina team when they arrived.

The entirety of the Argentina team arrived at the airport in Bolivia on the evening of September 10 (local time), in order to be ready for their encounter against the national team of Bolivia on September 13 in the morning.The media in Argentina said that Messi and his teammates were greeted enthusiastically by fans in Bolivia.

According to Tyc Sport, the streets where the bus transporting the Argentine squad passed were packed with hundreds of spectators as it traveled by.”There were approximately 800 people waiting for the Argentina team,” the reporter said. When Messi stepped off the bus, they became animated and continued to sing his name, as related by Tyc.

On the 10th of September (local time), Messi and his teammates were present in Bolivia at nine o’clock in the evening.

Messi’s name is being chanted by Bolivian supporters as the car transporting the Argentina team drives by.

Juan Manuel Collazo, a reporter, stated that the supporters gathered quite early; some of them were even present at 10 o’clock in the morning.

The qualifying competition for the 2026 World Cup will include the match between Argentina and Bolivia. It is anticipated that Messi will continue to shine brightly in order to assist the home team in continuing their remarkable streak.However, the superstar’s ability to play is still up in the air despite the fact that he is 36 years old.

Messi was unable to continue playing in the 89th minute of Argentina’s 1-0 win over Ecuador on September 8 due to feeling fatigued.Messi was fortunate enough to have avoided any injuries after undergoing a checkup and was able to play in Bolivia as scheduled.On the other hand, it is likely that Messi will not play right away because coach Lionel Scaloni will choose to give him a rest instead.

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