‘GOAT’s warm action’ – Lionel Messi’s affectionate gesture to an 8-year-old boy who is as slow as him makes fans admire

Manuel, who is only eight years old, went to Miami with his family to watch the premiere performance of his childhood hero. Two years ago, he began the same growth treatment as the Argentine star, and the results have been visible in him ever since.In the midst of the commotion in the United States over Lionel Messi’s move to Inter Miami, the captain of Argentina’s national team fulfilled the dream of an eight-year-old kid who underwent the same growth treatment as he did years ago when he came in Barcelona. Lionel Messi also received the same growth treatment when he first arrived in Barcelona.

focuses on Manuela, an eight-year-old boy from Bariloche who has been injecting himself with hormones on a daily basis for the past two years in order to achieve his height goals. After Messi’s arrival in Miami, the youngster and his family made the journey to the United States to watch the first game of his soccer hero.

As he revealed in a video, he picked the Argentine star as his “hero and best example” since he went through a circumstance very similar to that when he was a child. This is why he chose him as his “hero.” “Not only do I take pleasure in watching you play, but I also take motivation from your unyielding resolve to achieve success,” she remarked.

– “Seeing you, I am no longer afraid of my treatment to grow,” he said in a video that was uploaded on social media. – “Seeing you, I am no longer afraid of my treatment to grow.”

At the end of the video, which includes several photos of Manuel shouting for Messi from inside the stadium, he says, “I would like to meet you personally to thank you and show you my admiration.”

At long last, the request was sent to the Argentine star, and the young fan saw his ambition come true. Manuel was overcome with emotion when he finally got to meet his idol, Messi, and was able to give him the hug he had been waiting so long for. Messi did the same for Manuel.

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