Georgina Rodriguez’s Luxurious Travel Style: The Model Prefers Private Jets Over Commercial Flights

Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo ended their romantic vacation in Sardinia, Italy in style, taking a private jet from the airport. The couple, who had spent a few days off with family and friends on a luxury yacht, opted for a cool-looking private jet for their return trip.

Georgina stood out in a tight cotton short-sleeved dress from MiuMiu, paired with white 12 cm high heels.

She carried a toiletry bag from Louis Vuitton and a Hermes bag, while Cristiano Ronaldo sported a more comfortable but luxurious look in a Dior outfit of a short-sleeved shirt and silk Bermuda shorts, worth approximately 2,900 euros.

He completed the look with white sneakers, sunglasses, and a black Louis Vuitton bag.

Georgina has made it clear that she has her own style when it comes to flying, and she has shown it in various posts on her Instagram account, where she is often seen posing inside or outside a luxury jet.

She has admitted that the smell of the bathroom on commercial flights bothers her, and hence, the couple often travels on Cristiano Ronaldo’s ostentatious jet.

In an interview with Pablo Motos on “El Hormiguero,” Georgina revealed that they are thankful for the facilities and the ability to travel and enjoy themselves with a “great crew” and “better flight attendants.”

The couple’s preference for private jets over commercial flights has been evident in their luxurious travel style, which they don’t compromise on even for their return trips from romantic getaways.

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