Georgina Rodríguez Talks About Family, Fame, and Her Plans for the Future in Saudi Arabia

In an exclusive interview with Harper’s Bazaar Saudi, Georgina Rodríguez talks about her experiences in the spotlight and her plans for the future in Saudi Arabia.

Despite her estimated net worth of $12 million, 50 million Instagram followers, and a Netflix reality series, Rodríguez wants to live her life transparently and authentically.

She hopes to show the public who she truly is and what her life is like, both in her professional day-to-day and in her private moments with family and friends, through her show “I Am Georgina.”

As the partner of football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, Rodríguez has carved out her own path as a professional model and lifestyle influencer, partnering with high-end brands such as Chopard, Pasquale Bruni, and Elisabetta Franchi.

Despite her exposure to fame and fortune, she remains grounded and sincere, opening up about the most exciting and traumatic moments of her life in her reality show.

Through “I Am Georgina,” Rodríguez hopes to normalize talking about every kind of situation in the most natural way possible, from the happy to the devastating.

She is excited about building a new home for her family in Saudi Arabia and looks forward to embracing new experiences and cultures in the Kingdom.

After relocating to Riyadh in January, Cristiano Ronaldo and his family have settled into their new life and embraced the vibrant lifestyle of their new home in Saudi Arabia.

Georgina Rodríguez has been particularly drawn to the country’s heritage and culture, and has described it as “heaven on earth.” She has taken the opportunity to explore the country with her family, even teaching her daughters Arabic.

The move to Saudi Arabia has also propelled Rodríguez’s career further, with local and international media fascinated by how seamlessly the family has settled in.

She has even gained a new fan base for standing up for the region. Exciting collaborations have also come to fruition, including becoming the face of the Saudi fragrance company Laverne and starring in the latest campaigns for the lens brand Amara.

Despite her success, Rodríguez remains grounded and focused on staying true to her values of respect, eagerness, and professionalism. She believes that carrying out every project with the same passion and excitement as at the beginning is the key to staying motivated.

The move to Saudi Arabia has been an enriching experience for the whole family, and they look forward to continuing their journey there. As Georgina Rodríguez puts it, “I would like people to remember me as a person who was true to their values, kind-hearted and thankful for everything in my life.”

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