Georgina Rodriguez Spotted with One of the Priciest Handbags of the Season

Georgina Rodriguez, the partner of one of the world’s most famous soccer players, Cristiano Ronaldo, is considered one of the most important divas of our time.

She recently made headlines for carrying one of the most expensive handbags of the summer season.

Georgina’s life is known to be extremely luxurious, thanks to her millionaire husband and her successful fashion and modeling campaigns that have earned her a considerable amount of money.

Her extravagant lifestyle allows her to indulge in expensive designer bags, and she recently showcased a pricey summer handbag.

Georgina shared photos on social media of herself dressed in a stunning fuchsia pink dress with lace details and a plunging neckline, reminiscent of a Barbie doll.

The photos quickly gained the attention of her millions of followers, who expressed their admiration for the socialite.

To complete her look, Georgina carried one of the most expensive handbags of this summer season – a pink crocodile leather Hermès bag with gold details.

Although some may find it simplistic, the small bag had a whopping cost of approximately 80,000 euros ($89,892 dollars).

Georgina’s extravagant lifestyle and her love for luxury fashion items are no secret, and her latest handbag choice has once again proved her affinity for high-end designer accessories.

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