Georgina Rodriguez offers fans a sneak peek into her extravagant yacht getaway with boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo

On Monday, Georgina Rodriguez gave fans a peek at her opulent vacation with her footballer boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo.

The 29-year-old social media influencer was recently sighted in countries like Italy and Portugal, so she took to Instagram to post a ton of pictures.

Georgina was spotted in two different photos, one while relaxing on a private plane and the other while dining al fresco with her 38-year-old Portuguese sports partner Cristiano.

The couple and their two young daughters, Bella, 13 months, and Alana Martina, 5, have been traveling in style on a yacht.

In one photograph, Georgina posed elegantly while sporting a pink short dress with lace trim and a handbag of the same hue.

She lifted her camera high above her as she wore a stunning diamond necklace to show off the entirety of her attire.

In another post, Georgina flaunted her toned body while sharing a video of herself working out in the gym.

The diva hoisted weights that rested on her shoulders while donning a cropped pink top and a pair of tie-dye shorts.

‘Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,’ said Georgina as the caption to her image.

It happens after the couple took a luxurious trip to Italy with their kids and posted pictures of it on social media.

Before he met Georgina in 2016, Cristiano had twins Eva and Mateo, who are now five, and his 12-year-old son Cristiano Jr.

In addition, Georgina and Cristiano welcomed Bella, who is 13 months old, and Alana Martina, who is 5 years old, in April of last year.

According to rumors in Spain, Georgina, and Cristiano are thought to have a solid “pre-nuptial-style” arrangement that would cover them in the event of a divorce.

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