Georgina Rodriguez Makes Her Intentions Clear: She Wants to Marry Cristiano Ronaldo Loud and Clear

Georgina Rodriguez accompanied Cristiano Ronaldo to the launch of his new project in Madrid, Ursu 9 – a brand of alkaline mineral water, where they caused quite a stir among the media. During the event, Georgina answered questions from the media and expressed her desire to one day marry Cristiano, with whom she shares five children. This is not the first time she has made this desire known, having previously mentioned it in her docuseries Soy Georgina.

When asked about rumors of a crisis in their relationship, Georgina dismissed them as false information fabricated by the media. She also shared her thoughts on Ronaldo’s new business venture, saying that she would always support him and the brand.

Regarding the possibility of returning to Spain, Georgina stated that she does not rule it out, adding that she considers herself a citizen of the world with homes in Spain, Portugal, Italy, and England.

Ronaldo also spoke about their relationship at the event, stating that they make a great team and that Georgina is always with him in all of his projects. He emphasized that they support each other and that together they are much stronger.

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