Georgina Rodriguez Goes Viral After Denying Materialism in Her and Ronaldo’s Lifestyle

Georgina Rodriguez, the partner of soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, is getting ready for the release of the second season of her show, “I Am Georgina,” which follows her life and relationship with Ronaldo on Netflix. In a recent interview on the Spanish program “El Hormiguero,” Rodriguez discussed the show and her relationship with Ronaldo, which caused some online debate.

During the interview, the hosts asked Rodriguez what she and Ronaldo give each other as presents. When asked what she gave Ronaldo for his birthday, she replied, “This year, he gave me his time. My birthday always falls on game nights, so I spend a few of my birthdays with him. We spent my birthday together, with our kids, with our families.” The host then asked what Rodriguez gives Ronaldo, to which she replied that they are not very materialistic. The host joked that Ronaldo is not materialistic because he has everything.

Twitter users had mixed reactions to Rodriguez’s comments, with some referencing the time she gave Ronaldo a $350,000 Rolls Royce. Rodriguez also discussed how she and Ronaldo have decided to raise their children, emphasizing the importance of valuing every opportunity and not wasting food. Some viewers disagreed with her approach to teaching their children about poverty in the world.

Overall, Rodriguez’s interview sparked some online debate and gave fans a glimpse into her life and relationship with Ronaldo.

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