Georgina Rodriguez and Rihanna Unite with a Stunning €100,000 Diamond Watch

One thing leaps out among the many factors that could connect Georgina Rodriguez and Rihanna: her love of diamonds, opulence, and glamor. The 29-year-old model and entrepreneur and the 35-year-old artist have similar tastes when it comes to adding new pieces to their magnificent collections and a shared appreciation of opulent accessories.

One of them brought the two together, and They each had the exact same watch on their wrists, created by the prestigious Jacob & Co., whose spokesperson is Cristiano Ronaldo.

Georgina astonished everyone a month ago when she dove into the waves of Sardinia wearing a set of white gold jewelry, a halo of diamonds, and breathtaking XXL rubies. Her new purchase was also on display on the same Italian island. Although he acknowledged in his Netflix documentary that Rolex is his preferred watch brand, this time he choose to wear a Jacob & Co proposal that perfectly complements his taste and in which he wagers everything on red.

Eva, Cristiano Jr.’s mother, Mateo, Alana Martina, and young Bella Esmeralda chose the company—one of her boyfriend’s favorites and the maker of the most expensive watch in the world—for their summer date. a design that satisfies her criteria for watches, beginning with their huge size (the case has a diameter of 44 mm).

The stunning diamond jewelry that Georgina is sporting is from the same line as Rihanna and is named Brilliant Skeleton Northern Lights Rose Gold Red. nevertheless, in the steel variant. Both products are exclusive since they are part of a limited edition and have the same features, components, and specs. There are only 101 copies in existence, and only two of their owners are identical to them.

According to numerous websites, the cost of this magnificent timepiece, which includes 251 round-ended diamonds in addition to the 30 diamonds that make up the crown and 42 diamonds on the buckle, will be close to 100,000 euros.

However, the reality is that it also has a superb mechanism that enables you to dive the device to a depth of 30 meters and has a power reserve of more than 40 hours. This mechanism is what makes the gadget so powerful and adaptable, while the strap and sphere make Matches ideal, in that it attracts everyone’s attention.

In addition to the stunning Northern Lights skeleton, Rihanna also has another Jacob & Co. piece of jewelry that she dazzled Parisians with in June of last year. The singer flew to town for the historic Louis Vuitton fashion show, where Pharrell Williams debuted as a designer at the company with his Spring/Summer 2024 proposal, to take part in an occasion that brought together the worlds of art and fashion.

He watched from the front row as a watch from this brand was transformed into a necklace at the event he attended with his partner, rapper ASAP Rocky.

The Brilliant Flying Tourbillon in white gold, 47 mm, custom created with 30 ct white diamonds and calfskin strap, and whose price is above 600,000 euros, mesmerized Rihanna, who has been associated with Jacob & Co. for more than ten years and is forming a collaboration with him.

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