Georgina Rodriguez, an influencer, releases a new swimsuit video.

Georgina Rodriguez appears in a music video wearing only a swimsuit. The reported fiancée of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo recently shared a clip from her music video with Colombian musician Sebastian Yatra for his song Energa Bacana on social media, showcasing her incredible body in a bathing costume. She looks amazing showcasing a set from Alo Yoga in another post. How does the WAG keep her amazing physique in shape? Here are 5 ways she maintains her fitness level.

1. She prepares wholesome meals

Georgina consumes the same meals as her spouse. Because we always dine together, “we tend to eat the same,” she told InStyle. She cooks their meals as one method to make sure her family eats well. The well-known Spanish meal, lentils with chorizo sausage, is “my star dish,” she claimed.

2. She Works Out with Her Footballer Fiancé

Her (rumored!) fiancé is a fantastic training partner for Georgina. They work out together frequently. She admitted to being “embarrassed” to train with the athlete at first to Women’s Health. She nevertheless made it a point to follow him.

3. She Uses Resistance Bands

Resistance bands, which are particularly useful for Rodriguez’s leg and lower body routines, let her maximize the burn. She uses a resistance band put above her knees to illustrate several leg exercises that may be done at home in this video.

4. She Practices Yoga

Georgina enjoys doing Bikram yoga. In a video uploaded to Instagram, she demonstrated some of her incredible talents. There are numerous benefits to practicing yoga, according to Harvard Health. “Researchers found that people who practiced yoga for at least 30 minutes once a week for at least four years, gained less weight during middle adulthood,” they reported. “Overweight individuals actually dropped weight. In general, people who practiced yoga had lower body mass indices (BMIs) than people who did not. This was linked by researchers to mindfulness. A more positive relationship between food and eating can result from mindful eating.

5. She Cheats

Their children will eat less-than-healthy meals when Cristiano is away. “Me and the kids treat ourselves if he’s with the team or going to an away game. For instance, we ask for pizza. Or we gorge on popcorn,” she confided to InStyle.

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