Football legend Ricardo Kaka reveals Ronaldo’s secret while they both play for Real Madrid

According to former midfielder Kaka, when he was at Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo was not as bad as people thought.

In May, goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek, who played for both Liverpool and Real, told the story of Ronaldo’s “star disease”. Dudek emphasized that Ronaldo often ignored Jose Mourinho’s tactics at that time. Always selfish in play and difficult to approach when communicating, and often sulky, not quite as friendly as people think.

Of course, that is not a new thing for those who are difficult to get close to Ronaldo making comments. But what Dudek narrated makes people more impressed with Ronaldo only. But, perhaps that is Dudek’s point of view, but it is different for former midfielder Kaka.

For Kaka, the time playing for Real may not be technically successful, but what the “Angel” receives in terms of friendship is extremely valuable. On La Gazzetta dello Sport, Kaka narrated the most beautiful thing ever with Ronaldo on the field as well as in real life.

“It was great to play with Ronaldo, even against him. Simply Ronaldo is very competitive and always wants to win. The years I lived in Madrid were always very intense, but in return it was very positive. I was very close to Ronaldo, and this was not possible for all the players in the Real dressing room at the time. Initially our Portuguese-speaking group consisted of me, Pepe, Ronaldo, Marcelo and we were close friends. Ronaldo is very friendly and sociable. With his fitness and professionalism, he could be at the top for a few more years,” said Kaka.

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