Fans hail a rejuvenated Lionel Messi and insist the Inter Miami star looks happiest in years since joining the club

Lionel Messi has enjoyed a breathtaking start to life at Inter Miami, and fans belieʋe he already looks the happiest he has in years with the MLS club.

Messi was the captain of Argentina’s team that won the World Cup, and he made his Inter debut last month by scoring the game-winning goal against Cruz Azul with a free kick in the 94th minute. It didn’t take him long to get into his stride in Miami.

After such an eventful arrival in the United States, he proceeded to score a total of six goals over the course of his following three games, including a brace in each contest, to help his team achieve a perfect record of four wins in a row since his arrival.

Messi has only been playing for Miami for a little over a month, but he is already tied for fourth place all-time in the franchise’s history in terms of total goals scored with ten. This places him in a tie with current colleague Josef Martinez as well as former players Lewis Morgan and Rodolfo Pizarro.

Fans on social media are certain that the 36-year-old player has already got his smile back after a turbulent conclusion to his time spent with the French team Paris Saint-Germain. This comes after the player got off to a flying start in Major League Soccer (MLS).

Lionel Messi has got off to a flyer in the MLS since signing for Inter Miami this summer

Fans are under the impression that Lionel Messi’s smile has returned following a difficult period spent with Paris Saint-Germain, as evidenced by a picture of him enjoying Miami’s League Cup victory over FC Dallas on Sunday.

One user uploaded a picture of Lionel Messi grinning from ear to ear after Sunday’s League Cup victory over FC Dallas and captioned it with the following: “This is the smile that psg couldn’t give Messi…”

Another person tweeted a film of him enjoying the penalty-shootout victory over Dallas with his Miami teammates and added, “Messi was never happy like this at PSG.” Messi is seen in the clip smiling broadly and embracing his teammates as they celebrate the victory.

A third participant made the following observation: “I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.” It’s great to see Lionel Messi smiling because he seems to be having a nice time out there. In Paris, this was not always the case, but as of recently, it is. He gives off the impression of actually enjoying his time with Inter Miami. You can see it for yourself on the field.’

One supporter shared a photo on social media that showed Messi frowning when playing for PSG and another photo that showed him beaming while playing in the United States. They captioned the photo with the phrase, “This is America and Messi will be happy.”

While another went a step farther and insisted that they had never seen Messi look so happy while playing football: “Don’t think I’ve ever seen Messi look so happy ever playing football.” Wow, it’s great to watch.

Since his arrival in Miami a month ago, Messi has caused a sensation in Major League Soccer (MLS). The 36-year-old player has been accosted by crazy fans on multiple occasions when he has been out and about in the city.

After being accosted by an excited superfan while he was waiting in traffic the previous week, he even blew one of them a kiss through the window of his car.

At the weekend, Messi scored his seventeenth goal in the last four games for Miami, which they won against Dallas.

In Messi’s most recent game for Miami, he scored a remarkable late free kick that forced their Leagues Cup matchup with Dallas to go into extra time and then into penalties kicks. This resulted in Miami advancing to the next round of the competition.

After that, he was able to finish his attempt in the shootout with a success, but Tata Martino’s team still came out on top, 5-3.

Inter co-owner David Beckham was seen celebrating loudly and giving a bear embrace to his wife Victoria in a video that was recorded by a supporter of the club.

In response to the video, one user of Twitter made the following observation about Beckham: “Beckham is the happiest man in the whole of this Messi to MLS thing.”

A third individual chimed in, saying, “Beckham is the happiest person now. Messi.”

A fan captured Daʋid Beckham’s joy after Messi’s late goal in the Leagues Cup encounter

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