Emphasize Your Feelings: 60+ Soulmate Matching Couple Tattoos

Make it pleasant for your beloved or dear person and suggest him a soulmate matching couple tattoo. Choose one of the 60+ ideas we have listed in our article.

Tattoos are not just a beautiful body design but also a very symbolic and meaningful reflection of certain events and feelings of their owner. It is because some people want to share its value with those closest to them. Nothing is more perfect for such a situation than soulmate matching couple tattoos.

However, there are many designs of couple tattoos that differ in their meanings. Since we have selected 60+ soulmate matching tattoo designs with their exact interpretations, you will be able to choose the best one for you.

But before choosing the idea of soulmate matching couple tattoos, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the list of people to whom they are suitable.

Let’s start our detailed and extensive review right now!

Is It A Good Idea To Get Soulmate Matching Couple Tattoos?

The question whether matching couple tattoos are a good idea has always caused a lot of controversy in society. Most often, the answer depends on the personal moral values ​​and beliefs of someone who wants to get a soulmate couple tattoo. We think that such designs do not contain anything bad, but on the contrary, strengthen emotional ties between loved ones.

It is not recommended to get a tattoo with someone else’s name, except for the kids’ names, as there are various circumstances due to which your relationships with a person may end. Then you will have to either remove the tattoo or cover it with a new design. In this case, it is worth getting soulmate matching couple tattoos with names only if you are confident in relationships.

Who Should Consider Soulmate Matching Couple Tattoos?

From the “soulmate matching couple tattoos” name, it immediately becomes clear that such designs should get two people. However, you should not offer to get a tattoo to a person whom you do not know very well because he may take it harshly and think that you are too emotional.

You should be on the same wave with a person and know him as well as he knows himself to reveal the symbolism of the design. Below, we list the best candidates for soulmate matching couple tattoos:

Brothers and sisters; Twins; Best friends; Boyfriends and girlfriends; Married couples.

60+ Meaningful Soulmate Matching Couple Tattoos

Choosing a soulmate matching couple tattoo idea can be a little tricky because it can be difficult to stop at one inscription or sign that will emphasize your close relationship. First of all, you should consider symbolic designs that only you and your soulmate can interpret.

If you couldn’t decide which design to choose, you check out 60+ soulmate matching couple tattoo ideas we have listed below.

Note:In parallel with the selection of ideas, you should check out the list of the best tattoo artists nearby who will bring any design to life.

For Best Friends

A friend is an important person in everyone’s life. For many people, they become like a family. Soulmate matching couple tattoos are a great opportunity to imprint the devotion and value of such friendship on the body. Designs can be either completely identical or complementary.

Usually, the appearance of a matching couple tattoo with a friend is influenced by:

Friends interests; Features of their relationship; Common friends’ hobbies; Experienced situations and stories together.

For Twins

It is an indisputable fact that twins are connected by a special bond between each other. It is certainly one of the biggest attachments, starting from birth until the end of life. Couple tattoos for twins will never lose their relevance because these close people are connected by blood, and they will always be together, like tattoos will always be on their bodies.

Usually, twin tattoos are either completely identical to each other, or created as two halves of one whole. Sometimes literally you can find the design of one half (1/2) and the second (2/2) complementing it. It is a very interesting and deeply meaningful idea for a couple twin tattoo.

For Boyfriend & Girlfriend

As a matching tattoo design for a boyfriend & girlfriend, there are many ideas, symbols, and scenes from books, movies, or even songs.

One example would be the inscription Beauty/Beast on a girl and a guy, respectively. Such a design will emphasize the peculiarity of your relationship, in which you reveal the potential of each other.

For Husband & Wife

The most popular ideas for married couple tattoos are inscriptions or symbols on the ring finger. Such designs repeat the ring shape and emphasize the bonds of people in love. This design means that a person is ready to do anything for his beloved.

Infinity Sign

Soulmate matching couple tattoos with the infinity sign have one of the most symbolic meanings:

∞ Endless love;∞ Eternal memory and devotion;∞ Immense gratitude for feelings and actions.

Such designs can also be supplemented with dates, names, cardiograms, hearts, and other elements that are important to you.


Matching tattoos with initials will look concise and aesthetic because when looking at them, it is immediately clear what feelings people have for each other.

You can complement the design with infinity signs, rings, hearts, and other elements to add extra meaning to ideas.


The date is the perfect idea for a soulmate couple tattoo. It is because for other people it will be just a set of random numbers, but for you, it is a memory of a significant event.

Such designs are most often seen on the inner sides of the fingers and wrist. These places are not immediately visible to others, so they can hide your idea from prying eyes.


Couple anchor tattoos are one of the most symbolic designs because of the meaning hidden in this idea:

Permanence; Loyalty; Relationship stability.

Typically, this design is applied to the wrists, ring fingers, or forearms.


Soulmate matching couple tattoos with crowns represent the king and queen and symbolize love, loyalty, and depth of feelings.

Also, this symbol has other meanings:

Leadership; Wealth; Prestige; Honor.


The inscription is the only element in this soulmate matching couple tattoos design, so you need to choose it very carefully. It can be a phrase, the meaning of which is clear only to you, a quote, and so on. Below, we list 5 interesting inscriptions for matching couple tattoos:

I live – I love; With a loved one forever; Endless love; The heart is not wrong; Love saves.


The heart is the embodiment of love and romance. The meaning of a couple tattoo with this symbol will emphasize the passion and spark of your relationship. Moreover, you can tattoo halves of hearts, which will form a complete symbol when connected.


Avocado halves are a unique and versatile design that will suit best friends and married couples alike. Moreover, if you want to emphasize love for another person, avocado will be one of the best choices, because this word is translated from Spanish as “fruit of love”.

Also, soulmate matching couple avocado tattoo has the following meanings:

Love; Fertility; Youth.


A paired rose tattoo is most often done by spouses as a symbol of their devotion and eternal love.

An interesting idea can be a flower tattoo for one person and its imprint for another. This design can symbolize the kinship of lovers’ souls and complement each other.

As for the rose symbol, it has the following meanings:

Passion; Sensuality; Hope.

Yin Yang

Yin yang is a symbol of the world’s harmony. Accordingly, a couple tattoo with this sign will emphasize the harmony of relationships, complement each other, and constant development.

Also, the yin yang symbol has the following meanings:



A soulmate matching couple tattoo with a feather has a beautiful meaning. Such a sign should get those who are sure that they have met their soulmate, with whom they are ready to spend their whole lives. Also, a feather means that its wearer is part of the same whole as another person who received the second sign.

Besides, a feather tattoo has the following meaning:

Greatness; Royalty; Uniqueness; Confidence; High spirituality.

Mickey & Minnie Mouse

The relationship between Mickey and Minnie Mouse has always been easy, tender, and trusting. Accordingly, a couple who receives a tattoo with these characters emphasizes precisely these characteristics of the couple’s relationship.

Also, the Mickey and Minnie Mouse symbols have other meanings:

Insouciance; Easy attitude to life; Desire to return to childhood.

Sun & Moon

Couple tattoos of the moon and the sun are very symbolic. It has long been believed that the sun is masculine, and the moon is feminine. Together, these two symbols represent harmony and balance in relationships.

Also, moon and sun tattoos have the following meanings:

️ Vital energy;️ Light;️ Good;️ Mysteriousness;️ Magic;️ Appeasement.


Ring finger tattoos are an unusual way to perpetuate your relationship and marriage. You can use fineline or tribal designs, as they allow for unique ideas.

A couple tattoo with rings on the fingers have the following meanings:

True love; Loyalty for life; Unity; Devotion; Protection.

Lock & Key

A key and lock tattoo means that one person found an approach to another, literally opening his soul for himself. Therefore, the key symbol should get the one who initiated the relationship.

Also, such a design symbolizes loyalty and devotion to another person in the same way that one key can fit only one lock.

In addition, the key and lock tattoo means the following:

Strength of will; The firmness of character; Longevity.


Soulmate matching couple tattoos with puzzles is another design that means people complement each other. It can also symbolize the complexity and gradual development of relationships that proceed as a process of folding puzzles.

The puzzle symbol also has the following meanings:

Mysteriousness; Mystery; Compatibility.


If you and your soulmate want a little couple tattoo design, you can go for a minimalist idea. It can be emojis, lines, hearts, and any other small symbol that is important to you.

As for the symbol of curved lines, it has the following meaning:

Protection from the evil eye;   Stability;   Cyclicity.


Couple arrow tattoos are associated with the Cupid symbol, which is the ancient Roman god of love. His arrows made someone fall in love with another. Therefore, this tattoo design symbolizes love at first sight and long, strong relationships.

Also, the arrow tattoo has the following meanings:

The sharpness of thought; Fortress of vital position; Calm; Discretion.


Soulmate matching couple tattoos is an opportunity to emphasize the peculiarity and strength of your feelings for another person. If you feel that you are on the same wave with your friend, brother, sister, twin, boyfriend, or girlfriend, you can invite him to get such a design.

However, there are a lot of such ideas, so it can be difficult to choose one among them. Therefore, we have collected 60+ soulmate matching couple tattoo designs, told you whether it is a good idea, and who should get it.

‍‍ Be on the same wave with your soulmate!


What does it mean when a couple gets matching tattoos?

When a couple gets matching tattoos, they want to capture feelings for each other, a milestone event, or the start of a new phase in a relationship.

Should couples get matching tattoos?

The choice to get or not a paired tattoo is entirely up to you. It is important to clarify that it is undesirable to make a tattoo with the person’s name because he may become a stranger to you, and the design is undesirable.

️ What does a sun and moon tattoo mean for couples?

Soulmate matching couple tattoos with a sun and a moon represent balance and harmony in relationships.

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