Dua Lipa Performs Her Meme Dance At Future Nostalgia Tour

As numerous fans attend the highly-anticipated Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia Tour, they recently dropped in glimpses of her performance from the event that revealed a delightful instance of the singer recreating her iconic meme dance onstage. After responding to her memes during her past interviews, she managed to take the high road by taking the matter into her own hands.

Dua Lipa is among the notable English singers and songwriters and received a breakthrough in her career with her very first eponymous music album while creating a buzz among the audience. She even received numerous awards and accolades for her iconic songs and music videos.

Dua Lipa recreates her dance meme
Some of the fans who attended Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia Tour took to their respective Twitter handles and shared a delightful video clip of the singer performing her dance meme on stage. The user who shared the video clip also hailed the singer for turning her weaknesses into achievements by depicting her own meme on stage. The video also gave a glimpse of Dua Lipa’s performance that inspired the fans to create memes.

More about Dua Lipa’s dance meme
It all began when Dua Lipa was performing her iconic song, One Kiss with a dance step that gained the attention of the fans in no time. While it wasn’t a quirky dance move, the internet still exploded with hilarious memes on her dance steps. Even her video went viral on social media with netizens turning it into gifs. Soon after the dance meme began doing rounds on social media, Dua Lipa opened up about the same in an interview with Attitude revealing how the trolls and memes messed up with her mental health. During the interaction, she stated how it affected her mental health and how she managed to overcome it by saying that it made her stronger and more confident.

She stated, “There were so many things, especially when you start out, like a video of me dancing and they’re like, ‘Ah well, she has no stage presence’ – but they’d never been to one of my shows, they’d never seen me perform. They would take one small snippet and run with it and it would become a whole thing. For a short period of time, it messed with my mental health. You know, I’d go on stage and if somebody was filming me, in my head, I wasn’t, like, ‘Oh, they’re filming me because they want to keep it.’ I was like, ‘They’re going to film it so they can laugh at me or something. Yeah, it was a tough time, but I’m also so grateful for the experience because I became so much stronger. I became so much more confident after that.”

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