Dua Lipa gives the most sensual dance to a fan’s boyfriend at a concert

Once again, singer Dua Lipa has dedicated one of her sexiest songs from her Future Nostalgia Tour, Good In Bed, to someone in the audience.

This time the singer chose a fan who was with her partner at the concert and the video recorded by the girl has gone viral.

As expected, countless Dua Lipa fans and not so Dua Lipa fans have commented on it, and many of them have gone almost as viral as the original tweet.

The lucky fan’s girlfriend posted the moment when Dua Lipa walked up to them and looking at the boy, started singing the song, accompanied by a sensual dance.

The moment became trending on social media, but for the reaction of the boy’s girlfriend, who recorded the whole moment and then showed herself to be much more surprised than her boyfriend.

Considering that the singer’s standards are set by guys like Aron Piper, something tells us that the anonymous protagonist of this dedication has little chance of success. And even more so if we add to the matter that Dua Lipa dedicates this sensual little dance to a different person at each concert.

She has already done it on other occasions
On this occasion, the lucky one was a user who on social networks goes by the name of Erich Forga and shared a video in which he recorded the unexpected moment where you can see that the singer sings one of her hits in the middle of the show. The dedication came about because Forga attended the concert wearing a personalised t-shirt with the phrase “Marry me, Dula Peep”, which refers to a meme that went viral some time ago.

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