Dua Lipa and her advice on s.e.x.: Let go of guilt and shame

It’s hard to find a bigger star or a bigger name than Dua Lipa’s in 2023. The singer is a superstar, and has fans of all kinds from all around the world for her music.

The 28-year-old has even recently ventured out of music and into the world of film, having had a role in the recent hit Barbie movie alongside some of the biggest names in acting.

Dua Lipa on sex
Dua Lipa has never been shy when it comes to talking about some more ‘taboo’ topics. Her music often features themes of such nature, and she has a weekly podcast as well, wherein she recently dived into her intimate relationships.

Dua expressed her belief that it would be “bizarre” to not discuss the topic, and insists that openness and honesty about what an individual needs is essential for any romantic or sexual relationship to work.

“Not talking about sex with the person you are having sex with is a weird anomaly for me,” Dua said on her podcast. “I think it’s important to normalise the conversation around sexmake it a topic that we can speak about more freely, so we can let go of the guilt and the shame that surrounds it.

“It’s always so fun – and it goes back to that idea of keeping things fresh – to find ways to continue to be curious about your partner.

“So much of what I read about relationships these days is about the ‘roommate phase’ where you feel like you’re living together but you’re not romantically involved any more.”

Dua Lipa boyfriend

Dua Lipa is known to be in a relationship. While her relationship status had been secret for a long time, it is now public knowledge that she is in a relationship with Romain Gavras.

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