Dispelling Split Speculations: Cristiano Ronaldo Declines Georgina Rodriguez’s Birthday Wish, Defying $500,000,000 Net Worth

Cristiano Ronaldo has amassed enough fortune and notoriety via talent and hard work. The wealthy Portuguese soccer player has always made sure to take care of his family. Although the veteran has a net worth of almost $500 million, he reportedly turned down his girlfriend’s birthday desire.

Birthdays are, of course, important occasions for everyone. One of the few days that your wishes come true is today! On occasion, however, required CR7 to deny his loved one’s request.

Georgina Rodriguez’s birthday greeting from Cristiano Ronaldo was ignored.

Ronaldo and Rodriguez frequently throw lavish surprises for one another. However, the boyfriend of the Spanish celebrity once flatly refused to comply with a brief request. Rodriguez, who explained how and why the Al Nassr guy responded with a simple no, said this.

Earlier, during a TV chat show, Rodriguez was questioned about her collection of handbags, and the host assumed there were at least five. The 29-year-old replied immediately with 150. The host pushed her to explain her fascination with handbags while openly asking her, “What’s wrong with you?” She responded in an intriguing way: “I don’t know, Chris always asks me that.”

“He asked me, “What do you want for your birthday? I added, “A purse.” I want the same one as mine, just bigger. And he added, “I reject.” I won’t purchase it for you. Excellent work. I guess I’ll worry,” she responded. The former Real Madrid player, who is worth $500 million, reportedly turned down the model’s request for a different pocketbook.

In fact, it’s extremely unexpected to see the iconic diva turn down her significant other’s request. Ronaldo undoubtedly wouldn’t have acted in such a manner frequently. In fact, after the couple dispelled divorce rumors, things improved between them.

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