Discover 40 fascinating and trendy ‘Glitter Tattoos’ that are both unique and cool

These days, it seems as though there are no restrictions on what tattoo artists may create. You can have a tattoo of anything that changes when you move, like a butterfly that opens and closes its wings or a dinosaur that raises and lowers its head to eat. (Also dinos become hungry!) For those of you who love glitter, you can even get tattoos that seem to glimmer. Other options include tattoos that seem to be 3D or optical illusions.

You might not have known there were glitter tattoos, but after seeing some of the most beautiful and imaginative ones down below, you’ll want one for yourself. This list, which includes anything from cute animals to a sparkling Danny Devito, is likely to exceed your expectations for what a tattoo can do. The talented glitter tattoo artist Amanda Graves, who produced several of the incredible pieces shown on this list, is interviewed further down in the article.

Have fun embracing your inner unicorn, and don’t forget to vote up the pictures that motivate you to book your next tattoo appointment. If you want to see even more great tattoo inspiration from Bored Panda, we recommend reading this page after you leave a comment about what your perfect glitter tattoo would be.

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