Di Maria ‘writes poetry’ shines with a super product that helps Benfica beat FC Porto in the final of the Portuguese Super Cup with a melee with 12 yellow cards, 2 red cards

Once again, Angel Di Maria shined brightly to help Benfica beat FC Porto in the Portuguese Super Cup.

In the second half, FC Porto suffered the harsh rules of football. In the 61st minute, Angel Di Maria escaped to catch Orkun Kokcu’s slit before cutting into the far corner to defeat Diogo Costa. 

Exactly 7 minutes later, it was Petar Musa’s turn to make it 2-0 for Benfica. This was also the turning point that led the two teams into a melee during the remaining 25 minutes of the match. 

Right from the first half, the players were constantly making dangerous mistakes. After that, the FC Porto stars lost their temper when they received 2 quick goals. 

Referee Luis Godinho issued a total of 12 yellow cards to the players of both sides. 

Veteran centre-back Pepe was sent off in the 90th minute. He did not play fair-play when he hit his knee on… defender David Jurasek’s butt. 

Coach Sergio Conceicao was angry and reacted fiercely to unfavorable situations for FC Porto. Personally, he also received a red card. However, it is worth mentioning that the captain of FC Porto refused to move to the stands.

The match was interrupted for more than 5 minutes for security forces to convince coach Sergio Conceicao to leave the coaching area. However, FC Porto could not change the situation and eventually lost 0-2. 

Personally, Angel Di Maria still maintains the technical, slick play and shading that make up the brand. 

Having just returned to Benfica on a free form in the summer 2023 transfer window, Angel Di Maria won the Portuguese Super Cup. This is a big push for the Argentina player and the Benfica team. 

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